Thursday, 6 January 2011

Cankles and Weebles!

I find it hard to believe sometimes that as a child my mother took me to the doctors because she was worried that I was underweight ! He told her not to worry and that I would fill out in time. And fill out I did, but it didn't happen overnight. All through my teens, twenties and then into my early thirties I hardly strayed from being a size eight to ten. Strangely, My knees and calves and ankles have always been chunky. So  I started off narrow at the top and got wider at the bottom. A bit like a pyramid! I blame the genes that I inherited from my mothers side. We were all born with canckles! I'm not normally a green eyed monster, but my little sister inherited my fathers genes and has the slimmest ankles going. She calls them her chicken legs. I'll swap her my elephant legs for her chicken legs any day!

In my early thirties I had my babies and stated to fill out, fill out a little more,  and then carried on doing so until I thought that this can't go on and went on a diet and lost a bit of weight. Then I put it back on again, went on another diet, put on even more weight.....Well, you know the pattern. I had become a yo yo dieter and still am today. The trouble is I love my food. I love to cook, read about food, mooching around food markets and of course eating it. I don't eat badly, just too much of it. Mr R is much much taller than I am. I have to stand on three steps before we can speak to each other face to face! He can eat big portions because he needs more calories.. Trouble is my portions can match his. That's not  good news at all..At the moment I look like a Weeble. Remember those....Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!!

I don't want to be a Weeble bride, wobbling my way down the aisle. I can't do anything about the cankles. I might have to forget the 50's style tea length wedding dress, but I can do something about the rest of me if I really, really have the right frame of mind. I know that I can do it because I have done it before and lost 4 stone. I am realistic and know that within time the pounds will more than likely pile on again, but for that special day for me and Mr R I want to glide down that aisle.

I have super friends who are very supportive and will nag at me if I stray from the straight and narrow. They have in the past got me power walking around the streets of Swindon and would do so again. Time to buy some decent walking shoes I think. Mr G is a bikey and thinks nothing of cycling 80 miles in one go. My bike however is slowly rusting in the garage. My excuse is that I can't reach the peddles. He thinks that it is a poor excuse. Perhaps I should give it another go. We could cycle together. I will not however, be wearing lycra!

So I have around one and a half years to  lose my Weeble bod. That's do'able. I'll let you know how I'm doing. Keep your fingers crossed for me won't you!

Take care xxx

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  1. Good luck! I do Slimming World and have lost 3 stones on their 'extra easy' plan - i love it and can recommend it!