Sunday, 9 January 2011

Choices, choices!

When thoughts turn to picking a wedding venue, you are spoilt for choice. It seems that in this day and age, you can get married pretty much anywhere as long as there is a permenant fixture covering yours and your intended's heads. So from the grandest of venues catering for weddings with hundreds (gulp!) of guests to your local cinema where only a handful can squeeze in at a pinch, there is a place to tie the knot for everyone. Of course you can still walk down the aisle in a place of worship, or in a registry office if you want to be a bit more of a traditionalist, but if you don't fancy having to up sticks and travel between where the ceremony bit takes place and where the partying afterwards bit is celebrated, then why not do it all under tha same roof...simples!

Now this is where I start to show my age. Many moons ago when I married husband number 1 it wasn't at all easy finding that all important venue. There was no such thing as the internet. You either had a good idea where you wanted the wedding to take place, or you trawled through the yellow pages looking for inspiration. Then came the labourious task of making countless phone calls, wait for the brochures to arrive and then pick out those that looked ok. No wonder that we went to see only one venue apart from the local church. It looked pretty from the outside and was within budget. Nothing else really mattered. So we went for it, and to be honest  I have no complaints. They did us proud.

This time around I  definitely intend to be more choosy. I don't have to wait for the post anymore.I can find out anything I want at a click of a button. What a wonderful tool Google is! Just looking pretty on the outside won't do either. I want to know about all of the services that venue has to offer from canapes to fireworks. And of course, it needs to fit in with the dreaded "theme"!

Even though planning our nuptials is still very much in the early stages. Nothing can be booked until I'm a free woman. I have already given plenty of thought as to where me and my beloved Mr R will do the deed. My poor friends  now take everything I tell them with a pinch of salt. I have changed the  venue and the time of the year the wedding will take place that often that I am beginning to be a wedding bore. What a dreadful thought!

My first choice was Bristol Zoo. I liked the idea of somewhere a bit different, a bit quirky. My friends and family just laughed and said it would smell. We also take the kids from school there on a trip every two years so it would feel a bit like a school day.
Next choice was Bristol Registry Office followed by the Glass Boat in Bristol. This was ruled out because I didn't want to be part of a production line at the attractive, but very public Registry Office. I have spent many a moment hanging about outside just to watch brides going in, and coming out again in record time. Always with another bridal party hot on their heels. The Glass Boat is in a lovely setting, but doesn't really have any outside space to speak of.
Then I thought about a winter barn wedding. But I heard that if it snows, the only way to the venue was ib a 4x4. So that idea was shelved.
 After a few more ideas that were quickly deemed unsuitable or just too expensive.  (Clifton Lido was mind blowingly expensive) I have now found "the" place. I'm hoping to suss it out with Mr R next weekend. So far it looks perfect. The right price, the wonderful location, the delicious looking menu and it fits in with my theme. Will I change my mind again. I hope not, but hey, who knows. Watch this space.

Take care

Brigitte xx


  1. Thank you for you lovely email.

    Take you time and enjoy yourself!

  2. Thank you Anna for taking a peek and for your advice.I really appreciate it. xx