Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A Eureka Moment!

I am very fond and proud of my little blog. I can't imagine for a minute that many people read it and why should they. I know that I look at wedding blogs to find inspiration and to ooh and aah at all the wedding lovliness. You would be hard pressed to find either on my little blog, but it's fun to witter on in print without worrying about sending anyone to sleep. Something I would surely do if I were awittering for real!
But sometimes I sit here, wanting to keep my posts going on a regular basis, but find myself scratching my head thinking what on earth to write. I can't keep rambling on about my far off nuptials, especially when I have nothing new to report on. Is it a common affliction, this Bloggers Block?

Today, dear readers, I am sadly lacking in blogging inspiration. Rather than admit defeat, I have come up with a cunning plan.....write a list! So today's list is ...drumroll please....memorable films from childhood to now!

Pinocchio   This is one of the earliest film that I can remember, and one of the scariest. I had nightmares about being swollowed up by a whale for ages after. I also wanted to be a fairy in a blue dress.

photo   Walt Disney

Doctor Zhivago The first grown up film that I went to see. My lovely uncle Stan took me and we sat upstairs in the cinema, which I thought was very posh. I sat for hours entranced by the amazing cinematography and the soundtrack. I fell in love with Omar Sharif and Julie Christie.

Funny Girl  It was a real treat to be whisked off after school to see this film, especially when it was a complete surprise. The cinema in the evenings were for grown ups, not primary school kids. Little did I know that mum hadn't told dad that we were going to spite him after having a bust up. He was besides himself all evening. Needless to say they then had another bust up when we finally got home! I meanwhile had fallen in love with Barbra Streisand

That'll Be The Day  By now I was in love with David Essex, and sat through the entire film swooning. It was the first film that I had seen that was a little bit "risque". Of course I wanted to marry David Essex after that.

The Omen  My first X rated film. I was just short of 18 and was really nervous about getting caught for being underage. I spent most of the time watching the film through my fingers. I still do.
Photo Twentieth Century Fox

Saturday Night Fever  I saw this twice in a week and bought the soundtrack, lycra and leggings soon after...I became a disco diva!

The Last Metro   I went through a phase of only watching foreign language films, and reading heavy duty books rather than Jilly Cooper. Of course one didn't go to the multiplex cinema but to an arty independent instead and then spent hours analysing the film afterwards.

Back To The FutureThis is memorable only because  I can't remember it.! We went to a late night showing after a meal out and I slept most of the way through it!

Toy Story  There was a big time gap in trips to the cinema  because of the boys being little and living out in the sticks. This was one of the few films that we took the boys to see as kids, They loved it, I loved it. Who couldn't fail to love it!  

I'm going to cheat a bit here. The following films were never seen at the cinema, only on DVD, and they aren't memorable for any other reason other than being favourites of mine and worthy of a mention.
The Third Man, Fargo, Amelie, A Very Long Engagement, The Wizard Of Oz, You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, French Kiss, Love Actually, Notting Hill, The Shipping News ,Amadeus
There must be others but they don't spring to mind right now. 

There, another post written, and I have to say I rather enjoyed my little reminisence into the past. So much so I think that I will just have to dig out Amelie and watch it....again!

Night night and take care

Brigitte xx


  1. I get bloggers block a lot, so not just you :)
    Love all those films, The Wizard Of Oz and Amelie I could watch countless times! xxx

  2. So lovely to receive your comment. It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who sits staring at a blank page. Amelie has to be the best"feel good" film of all times! xxx

  3. Yes, bloggers block definitely exists, Brigitte. The beggining of this year I had an idea: I call it "today's word". I open a dictionary and randomly chose a word on the page and write about anything this word brings to my mind. Good fun.
    From your film list, Amelie is my absolute favourite.

  4. Bloggers block is a PITA! But your list made me smile. Firstly because I studied Russian for a year in Guildford and my tutors were so cross with the film as lots of the shop signs, etc, were misspelled or a completely nonsensical word.

    This leads into The Omen (terrifying film). Whilst studying Russian in Guildford I passed the cathedral every day. You know, the one that darling Damien kicks and screams all the way up the path too. Well, I lived about a third of a mile away from it! Not exactly a claim to fame, but you surely made me smile with some happy memories.