Sunday, 16 January 2011

Found it ...Hopefully!

It's been a good day. After many an hour sitting here on my trusty laptop looking up potential wedding venues, we took the bull by the horns and ventured out to check out a venue for the ceremony and one for the reception. My short list of venues was wittled down to these two, so I had every digit crossed that today's reccies were going to be successful and that it wasn't going to be a case of " back to the drawing board"

As this is shall be a second time around marriage for both me and Mr R, we had always planned to have a low key wedding. Both of us have done the big do with all of the trimmings before, so this time we just wanted a relaxed, intimate celebration with  close family and friends. We actually want to know all of our guests. Not like the first time around when we didn't have a clue who half the guests were.Our parents and parents in law were paying for the whole shebang so they had a big say in who came including the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker! As we have control of the purse strings this time, we can decide for ourselves who joins us on the Big Day.

Because we don't intend to have more than 50 guests, a big venue was a no no. No big hotel, no stately homes, no castles, no barns and no marquees. So what did that leave? Besides the zoo, floating restaurants and barns, we did consider a village hall, but there are no picturesque halls locally. They are all modern buildings with not one ounce of character. I wondered about looking for a pub, but couldn't get my head around holding the reception in a skittles alley. I wanted something a little different, a little unique.Options were running out and I was despairing that my dream location within our small budget just didn't exist .
Then one day, I was flitting through photographers blogs as you do, when something caught my eye. A wedding ceremony held in Bath's Guildhall followed by a chartered boat ride up the beautiful River Avon through Bath to The Bathwick Boatman. A restaurant on top of an old boathouse on the banks of the river. I suddenly realised that this was my vision of  how I wanted our wedding to be. The restaurant is fairly small. 50 people would fill the place up. It's not grand and stylish. Scrubbed pine, mismatched chairs and twinkly fairy light draped over boats hanging from the ceiling  are the order of the day! I did a little research. Reviews about the food were more than favourable, and emails to the owner were replied tout de suite and were full of  information. Her emails were friendly and didn't appear to be a stock email sent to all enquires. I really wanted for this to be "THE venue"

As the Guildhall had an open day today we decided to book a table at the Boatman to sample their Sunday lunch and give it the once over. The ceremony room in the Guildhall was rather grand and would do us fine. So that box was ticked, and then it was a short drive to the restaurant. No river trip for us on a blustery day in the middle of winter. There was a decent sized car park. One Brownie point. We were warmly welcomed by the lovely owner Rosy. Another Brownie Point. After that Brownie points were being awarded left right and centre and all boxes were being ticked. Mr R isn't one for getting excitable, but I could tell that he was super impressed and anounced that "this will do, won't it!" Praise indeed.

So now all we have to do is think of a date sometime in the early summer of next year. Hopefully in a few months time we will be able to sort out the ceremony, but until the small matter of obtaining a decree absolute, we can't do anything about that yet. Fingers crossed that there won't be a problem or else we may find ourselves up the creek without a paddle!!
I now feel that it's time to stop dreaming of my vision of what I want our wedding to be and to start doing something about it. Let the fun begin!
To take a peak at the restaurant go to The Bathwick Boatman  

Take care xx

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