Sunday, 6 February 2011

Introducing Mr R

Let me introduce you to my very lovely Mr R! It's about time that you met him and found out a little about him. I have forwarned him that I'm writing a blog post about him, and have promised that I'll only write nice things about him. And I always keep my promises.......well, nearly always!

Mr R and I met on an internet dating site about two and a half years ago. I have to say that I instantly liked his photo and despite his rather naff profile, (he talked about his maths degree and hip replacement!!!) I was rather taken by him. After a few weeks of emailing backwards and forwards and me making a few gaffs along the way (France, lips are sealed.!!) we made plans to meet at a country pub.
The first words Mr R uttered to me were "Gosh, you're tiny!" Well, I am only 5ft tall and to a 6ft 6er, I really must look very small. He certainly looked very big to me, but it's funny how quickly you forget the huge height difference.Not that it ever bothered me anyway. I do wonder how our wedding photos will look. I'm quite prepared to carry a soap box around with me, and any slow dances may end up with poor Mr R with back ache and me with a sore neck! That first meeting lasted six hours. We never stopped talking then and haven't stopped talking since.

I have always enjoyed listening to classical music, but only in a Classic FM sort of way. Mr R on the other hand really really like classical music and has hundreds of CD'S and is very knowledgable .He has taught me to really listen and appreciate classical music and be a little more adventerous and listen to other pieces rather than Cassic FM top hits. He's a bit of a Beethoven fan. I find him a bit boring. It's good to have different tastes. I definitely have an eclectic taste in music. I'm as quite happy to bop along to Take That  as I am to sit at a concert taking in a requiem. Mr R has now widened his musical tastes, but I am yet to convince him that bopping along to Barry Manilow is ok (perhaps that is going a little too far!)

My Mr R has had a hip replacement, not because he is decrepit, but because he is a bikie and a few years ago had an accident which resulted in a rather nasty hip fracture. He loves to don his lycra and go off on 60 mile jaunts. Sadly he hasn't been able to persuade me to get on my rather rusty hand me down bike. My excuse is that I can't reach the peddles and I am sticking to it!

I have to say that Mr R had a rather dubious taste in clothes when I met him. Jumbo mustard coloured cords with turn ups and pleated waists were the order of the day along with oversized chunky jumpers and fleeces. What he needed was a little guidance in the right direction and some retail therapy. I took great delight getting rid of  his awful wardrobe. My man is now stylish and loves buying new clothes. When we shop, it's me that has to wait whilst he tries on clothes and not the other way around!

I can't wait to marry my beloved. He makes me so happy and really is my soulmate and best friend. And it goes without saying that I love him to bits. Yes, he does infuriate me. He loves his bed and lolling around, whilst I like to be up and getting things done. Yes, he does go on about football expecting me to understand what on earth he is talking about. He has the patience of a gnat whilst driving and becomes a Tasmanian Devil behind the wheel. When tired he's a miserable bugger and  it's best to leave him be. But he is caring, funny,generous and loving, and I think that I am so lucky to have met him and am now going to spend the rest of my life with him.
 Oh yes, I really am one lucky lady.


  1. Lovely post. Mr R is a lucky man! xx

  2. Thanks. I feel very lucky too. I hope is reaction is good when he reads this blog. Fingers crossed.

  3. He sounds great! :) Glad you are so happy xxxx

  4. Oh he sounds delightful! I think you make a lovely couple and I'm so happy that you found each other. I don't think you need worry about his response.


  5. Thanks girls. Lovely comments and much appreciated. I hope Mr R's head doesn't get too big what with all of these compliments ! xx