Sunday, 20 March 2011

Bristol. Where my heart belongs!

 I amazingly managed to persuade Mr R to visit a wedding fair today. I really thought that I would struggle to get him anywhere near an event which is frequented by mostly us ladies and has lots of lovliness which we can ooh and aah over but to him it could well be his idea of a living nightmare. The Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair was held at Bristol Zoo and as he was keen to look at a watch he had had his eye on that was for sale in Cabot Circus in Bristol city centre, he probably felt that he could endure a promised short wedding fair visit in return for a bit of retail therapy.
 Bristol Zoo.The location for the wedding fair.

I always get very excited about a visit to Bristol. It's the city where I was born and lived in until I was 18 which is when I left home to train to be a nurse in London. I returned briefly in my early 20's when I got a little homesick for my home city and found a job in a nursing home. I also found a flat share in Clifton, my favourite area of the city.  I should have been in my idea of heaven, but in reality the job was a big mistake, the flat was pokey,damp and cold and I had no friends as they were all in London. So after six months I returned to the capital and was for a while content with the odd visits to my parent's home in a village just outside the city.A
 couple of years later yearnings to return to my roots returned and I decided to buy a flat a stone's throw from the Bristol Suspension  Bridge and bustling Clifton Village. Sadly my plans were thwarted and my dream to return was yet again put on a back burner.

Clifton village

As usual I am prone to rambling on,so to cut a long story short, I then met my husband  and because of his work commitments we spent the next 15 years in the south east until we decided to move to Swindon and to be close enough for a commute to London and also for me to be not too far to from my parent's home. So almost within reach, but still not where I really wanted to be.

So here we are still in Swindon. Times have changed. The husband flew the nest back to his roots in London, and I was left in a town which neither I or my boys liked much.My beloved Mr R came along, number one son went to uni and in a few months time number two son will also upsticks and be on his way to higher education, and so me and Mr R have no reason to stay here, except of course, a job I love and my friends.

What is it about the city that has a hold on me? Well, it's so familiar for a start. There are very few areas that didn't figure in one way or another in my childhood.; school in Staple Hilll, my nan's corner shop and watching Bristol Speedway with my dad in Eastville, ballet exams in Westbury, working in Boots in Fishponds and many more. Areas that I can still find my way around. Street names that are familiar.
I love the hustle and bustle of the city centre,aand the quiet backroads of "posh" Clifton. The Harbourside. Seeing the beautifully restored SS Great Britain takes me back to when I watched her coming home, a  wreck, along with thousands of  of other cheering people.Walking up Park Street and glad to reach the top.Listening to a dialect that is unique to the city and which sometimes I effortlessly slips back into.It's history and heritage,It's people that makes it  both vibrant and cosmopolitan.
 Bristol Harbour

Eastville stadium.The home of the Bristol Bulldogs.
 Cabot Circus. A shoppers paradise.
Park Sreet

I am proud to be a Bristolian. All I need to do now is to make one final step and I'll be back to my city. The city I call home..Fingers crossed that one day that journey home will be over.

Lots of love
Brigitte xx


  1. Mr R is a brave man indeed. Wedding fairs are not for the faint hearted.
    I have friends who live in Bristol. They live in Redland now but used to live in's very lovely indeed. I can understand why you want to be back there.
    Oh, and did Mr R get his watch?

  2. After much phaffing whether to get it or not, he finally bought it moments before the shop shut!
    I will think twice before I get him to go to a wedding fair again. I imagine that it's much more fun with girlfriends and there's no chance of being mistaken for the parents of the bride!! xx

  3. You are a brave lady, BH would be tugging at his shirt collar, moaning and groaning to leave! I can hardly get him to do any retail therapy unless it's in B&Q! Bristol looks beautiful, maybe one day you'll have the opportunity to move back home. I'm really enjoying your blog. xx

  4. I expect that my OH will think twice before he agrees to visit another wedding fair, but then again I might not ask him!
    Mr R is a surprisingly good shopper, just as long as he is looking for something for himself! We have been known to spend 2 hours in one shop just mooching! It's lovely to hear that you are enjoying my little blog. It means a lot to hear that. Thank you. xx