Sunday, 27 March 2011

Seven facts about yours truly !

I've seen this done on other blogs and thought that it seemed like a good idea. So I've racked my brains and come up with seven facts about the much, much younger me. I have to say that I'm not proud of some of them!!!

Fact Number 1

My nan had an old fashioned corner shop when I was little. The sort of shop that sold everything from behind a counter. Biscuits were in tins and cold meats were sliced with a vicious and highly dangerous machine. Chairs were available so that customers and my nan could have a good old chin wag.
On Christmas Eve Nan gave her loyal customers a glass of Emva Cream. When I was 11 the task was bestowed onto me. The thing is, when I poured out a glass for them, I poured one out for me too! Quite a few glasses later my nan discovered me rather worse for wear. Instead of any sympathy, I got a belting, made to eat a hard boiled egg and promptly threw up. Christmas day was spent in bed and I never touched a drop of sherry until I was made to toast the Queen with it years later by some battleaxe ward sister!

Fact Number 2

I adored ballet as a child and like many little girls dreamed of becoming a prima ballerina. I was forever prancing around our tiny sitting room, forcing my poor little sister to watch my performances.When I was 11 I had an audition for the Royal Ballet School. I didn't get in and I was devestated. Mum said that it was becaise I had tonsillitis on the day, but in reality I just wasn't good enough and they could tell from my bone structure, feet or whatever that I was never going to be tall enough.
Hard to believe looking at me now that I could ever have been a ballet dancer. Fairy!

 Fact Number 3

My mum and dad thought it a good idea to pack me and my sister off every Sunday to Sunday School so that they got a few hours of child free time together.
We didn't stick to just one Sunday School. Oh no, we did them all! We judged a good Sunday School by where the annual outing was going to that year. A trip to Portishead was deemed as rubbish, whereas Waymouth was a good one. If the Harvest Festival supper was  meagre amd too much like school dinners then we moved on and if we couldn't learn the tambourine at The Salvation Army then what was the point of going?After seeing The Song Of Bernadette on TV, I went through a phase of hoping that The Virgin Mary would appear to me and that I would then become a nun. The phase quickly passed!

  Fact Number 4

My first ever trip abroad was at the age of 11 (a busy time in my life so it seems!) when I was packed off to Austria by train on an exchange trip. I spent three weeks in an alpine village with a lovely family. I spoke no german and only my exchange partner could speak a bit of english. I was staying in a chalet style house with shutters, balconies, window boxes full of flowers. I ate strudel and schnitzal and drank my first ever cup of "real" coffee. The Sound of Music was a favourite film of mine and there I was deep in Sof M country. I was in my element.
One day I donned my friends traditional costume, made for the hills and did the full Julie Andrews opening scene. I was in full flow until someone came along and pointed out that my costume was on back to front....Such shame!

 Fact Number5

As a teenager one of my idols was David Essex. My bedroom walls were covered in posters of him. I played his LP over and over again on my record player and drooled over articles of him in Jackie and Fab 208. One day I discovered that he was coming to Bristol. I was over the moon and besides myself with excitment. With nobody to go with, I took myself to town, bought a ticket and sat waiting for my hero. The moment had arrived, and coming on the stage was.... "Sparks"!!!  Now for those many moons younger than me. Sparks was a band consisting of two brothers. One of whom looked like Hitler!
Needless to say I was devestated to learn that I had got my dates muddled and hadn't noticed in my excitement that it sure wasn't David Essex on either the billboards or who's name it was on my ticket!

Fact Number 6
Cookers when I was a child were always freestanding and the grill was at eye level above the hob. My mum often put clothes to air on the grill hood as we had no radiators or tumble dryers way back then in the dark ages. Now putting clothes on an appliance that bursts into flames at a touch of a button is not to be recommended. My mum should have known better! One day I lit the grill to make toast and whoooosh mums knickers and brassieres all went up in flames. Fortunately no harm was done to me or the kitchen but mum was left without any undies and had to itemise each undergarment to the insurance man when he next called!

Fact Number 7

 I got kicked. out of the Girls Brigade. A shameful episode and one I still find too painful to talk about. Lets just say I was easily lead!







  1. Hahah...very funny! You clearly were a naughty girl! I love it that your gran gave you a boiled egg after the sherry...I think anyone would have vomited!! And just for the record I too was booted out of the girl guides..for leading astray the younger ones..not such a good role model as I thought!!

  2. I think that I was disillusioned with the Girls Brigade because I never got a bugle to play with! Lasted one week at Girl Guides because all we did was first aid and there was no toadstool to stand around! Far too boring! xx

  3. Just found your blog and enjoying it v much. I will be a first time bride at 42 next year!


    PS I was almost chucked out of brownies for "subversive behaviour". I'm quite proud of that!

  4. I absolutely love your blog. Very funny and very honest. I would really love you to consider me for you photographer. I know I would make you look fabulous and I love the venue. Plus I'm a mean baker and could show you a thing or two. Have a look at my site and get in touch. Either way I hope your day is fantastic. Pete.