Monday, 25 April 2011

From airmail envelopes to Twitter. Penpals to Tweets.

As far back as I can remember I seem to have been corresponding one way or another with complete strangers. I had a list of penfriends from all over the world when I was at school. The more the merrier it seemed! I probably spent a good proportion of my six old pence pocket money on stamps because, of course,this was in the days when snail mail was the only way and the internet was still a far off into the future invention. In fact I don't even think that it was mentioned on Tomorrows World! I would spend hours writing pages to other kids my own age from France, Finland,Norway,Hong Kong and the Isle of Wight and with my letters went cuttings from Jackie magazine and the recipes from mum's Womans Own. I could ramble on for England even then although my spelling has improved some what since, Thank goodness for spellcheck!
Days of having to wait weeks for those red and blue envelopes came to an end when the internet changed pen paling forever. So long penpals, hello email friends! Not that it was easy to find people to become my new pals. Google hadn't been invented then and it wasn't uncommon to find a penpal site online after convuluted searches, only to then find just a snail mail address to write to in order to get a list of potential new friends! Dial up was the only way that you could connect to the internet and it was too expensive to write my emails online, so all of my "letters" had to be written in Word offline then attached to an email. Quite a pallavah but a million times better than before.
After several years of happily tapping long newsy emails with one finger on my keyboard, changes were again afoot and along came Facebook. Suddenly my friends could all be found in one place. I could get by with writing short messages, find out who they were connecting with and discover what a link was.My friend list was, and still is rather skimpy. My son on the other hand has a friends list that runs into the hundreds. I have visions of him going up to anyone in the street and asking if they will be his friend! I still hesitate when asking if someone will consider me as a friend. Somehow it just seems a bit cheeky!
Two things happened at the end of last year which were to again change my love of sharing my thoughts, news and views with anyone and everyone. I discovered blogs, blogging and Twitter. I had already dipped my toes into the world of blogs after reading "La Petite Anglaise" A book based on the blog of an English woman living in Paris. I srarted to look up blogs but they were still in their infancy and there wasn't many to choose from, so my interest quickly waned. I never dreamed of writing a blog myself. What on earth could I write about that was remotely of interest to anyone ? Then I got engaged and suddenly I had something to write about. Here was I, a bride to be not exactly in the first flush of youth who was going to make a second trip up the aisle. Maybe not what your average bride wants to read about, but who knows, someone,somewhere out there might be the slightest bit interested. So, A Fifty Something Bride was born. Now I'll be the first to put my hand up and admit that compared to the majority of blogs, mine is downright amateurish, but I've started from scratch. What I know about computers you could write on a postage stamp. I'm very proud of the fact that I've learnt how to post images and add gadgets.It takes me hours to type each post with my one finger and I cross the remaining fingers that each post will be read by someone.My blog statistics has me wondering if I should bother carrying on as they make pitiful reading, but I'll persevere, because in all honesty I really get a buzz from seeing my ramblings being available to all and sundry.
I have to admit that I am totally addicted to other peoples blogs.They are all wonderful to look at and beautifully presented. So many bloggers are very creative and have an excellent eye for detail. They really are a clever bunch of people who all have one thing in common and that is that they are all passionate about their blogs and the time they dedicate to them amazes me  Who needs magazines when everyday there is something new, exciting and informative to read about. Blogs are personal and you can easily find yourself getting attached to them and getting quite excited when a new post appears. What I really like is that bloggers are part of a community. They support each other and friendships are often formed. Now it's hard to believe that that often happens in the world of magazines and books.
My friends think that it's hilarious that I use Twitter. They think that its odd to connect with people who are complete strangers. I think that they are missing out! It's fun to think that you can read tweets from well known faces, but I would rather read the tweets and connect with ordinary mortals like myself. There are people on Twitter who I would never ordinarily meet but I because of Twitter I  have the oppurtunity to to get to know some very lovely people. I am in awe of the fact that they are all so talented and work hard at what they are good at be it cooking, crafting or offering a service to others.Of course there are people who request to follow you and you ask yourself why? Why on earth would a yoga instructor in California want to follow me? On Twitter you can rant and rave, jump up and down with joy, have a good moan or just say hi.One thing you can't do is ramble on. With a 140 characters restriction, whatever you say has to be brief! And for me that's no bad thing!


  1. What a lovely post Brigitte. Your blog is just brill! x

  2. Keep posting Bridgitte - I love reading your blog!

  3. Your blog is great! I'm glad you decided to do it. Keep it up!!

  4. Thank you ladies. I really do appreciate your lovely comments. You've certainly made my day! xx