Friday, 15 April 2011

Primer, concealer, corrector...I need help!

I can't remember how many times I have walked into the fragranced halls of lotions and potions in department stores determined to seek the advice from those immaculately made up ladies from behind  counters laden with goodies claiming to have magical properties and could turn me from a dowdy 50 something into a beauty who couldn't possibly be hitting middled age! But I've never had the confidence to approach anybody as to be honest I've always felt just a bit intimidated and convinced that they are will take one look at me and deem me as a lost cause!

So I've played safe and kept to the serve yourself aisles in Boots where until recently  I've chosen my beauty products by the eeny meeny miny moa method ! I have to admit to being somewhat lazy when it comes to skin care. Thankfully I've grown out of the Lifebouy soap and dettol  routine my mother recommended as a child, but apart from a dab of the cheapest moisturiser once in a blue moon, a quick scrub with soap and flannel sufficed. I had a cupboardful of barely used tubs of night moisturisers,scrubs,eye creams and that liquid that you dab on after cleansing and before moisturising  thats name escapes me! My skin was good in years gone wrinkles,blemish free and not a patch of dryness to be seen. Of course that all changed and those fine lines started to appear in earnest, and heavens forbid, is that jowls I spy replacing my once firm chin line? Time to take skin care seriously. My friend swore by Liz Earle products and gave me a set of trial sized goodies for Christmas. I instantly fell in love with them, and have used them ever since.However, I'm still lazy and am hopeless at removing my make up at the end of the day, and the night time cream has hardly been touched, but I'm getting there.
 source Liz Earle

I know that there is still over a year before The Big Day, but there's a lot of work  to be done here, before I let anyone clap eyes on me in a wedding dress let alone permit a photographer to point his camera at me, so I'd better get started on my transformation asap! The diet is in hand (says she,eating Pringles whilst typing...oops!) An exercise routine will come about someday soon and the hair is growing for a sophisticated up do, although I will have to be strong not to have it all cut off between now and then! Time now to think make up. I would love the luxury of having my make up done professionally on the day, but it's unlikely the budget will stretch that far, so I'm going to need help to get to grips  with learning how to do it myself, aquire a make up bag full of cosmetics and tools and transform myself into an English rose and not a circus clown!

So, there I was yesturday morning mooching around John Lewis in Cambridge when I thought, this is it, time to take control Brigitte and stop being such a wuss.Now was the time to start thinking concealers, correctors and primers.Find out exactly what shade I should be choosing when buying foundation, and how on earth do I apply eyeliner without ending up looking like an anciant Egyptian!
There are so many cosmetic ranges to choose from, but I've always lusted over Bobbi Brown (obviously not her personally, but her range of gorgeous goodies). I've drooled over the products but have always slinked away the moment an assistant spys me taking an interest.It didn't take long before I heard those words that would have had me previously mumbling a quick no thanks...Do you need any help? But this time I answered with an assertive sounding yes! From that point onwards I was taken under the wing of the very lovely Jo and the rest of the wonderful team of Bobbi Brown girls. I duly struggled  onto one of those bar stool type chairs (at 5ft tall, I can never just perch elegantly onto one!) and was magically transformed from tired old me into a younger and glowing me. Maybe it was the cosmetics that did it, or the pampering I was receiving which made me feel special. I think it was a bit of both. The five minutes lesson I started off having ended up lasting an hour. I haven't had so much girlie fun for ages. All that was missing was a cup of tea. But I'm sure that if there was one going I would have been offered one.
 source Bobbi Brown

I came away with my first purchase, walking on air and longing to do it all over again. Sadly, I was only visiting Cambridge so I'll have to get my fix closer to home.But, if Jo and the team ever read this. A big thanks to you all. You made my day and I think that you're stars. .Keep on meeting those celebs. (They'll know what I'm talking about!)
My cleansing and moisturising routine didn't improve last night as I wanted to keep my primed,concealed and corrected face on for as long as possible but. I'll do it tonight...promise!

So with luck I might be transformed from someone who needs a little work........

To a beautiful 50 something bride!

Wish me luck! xx


  1. It so depends who you get for makeovers, doesn't it? I booked my mum into one at Bobbi Brown at Bluewater, Kent and although she's in her late 50s AND we said she wanted something light and youthful, she actually came out looking like a tranny. On a big night out. Not good..

  2. Ooh, not good at all!Your poor mum! Would love to go back to Bobbi Brown in Cambridge, but it's hardly close to Swindon ! Do I trust the ladies in Bristol or give it a miss? The tranny look is so not me!

  3. I can't stop laughing at Golem in a gown!

    My mum NEVER wears makeup and she had a makeover with Bobbi Brown in Manchester. She'd planned to only buy a lipstick and ended up buying the works! And she applied it all herself on the day, having never done it before.

    I went to MAC and did indeed look like a tranny. Thankfully I managed to tone it down for The Big Day.

    I say give them a chance. You might be very surprised.

  4. I'm planning on buying one item each month until the wedding. By then I'm hoping to have had several freebie lessons and become a dab hand at the art of applying make up.After my little pampering session I'm now keen to be pampered a little more and long for mancures,pedicures,facials and defuzzing. Oh, and a spa session wouldn't go amiss either.My Golem lookalike days might be numbered!!

  5. Yes, try your local Bobbi Brown - and try Laura Mercier perhaps. You can usually get a free makeover and it's all learning!

  6. I always come away feeling "overdone!"...they always give me a peach lip looks disgusting. I love Bobbi Brown though..easy to wear, and a staple in my bag...infact I think I just need a bag...would be so much easier! Lovely post.

  7. Thank you. It's always lovely to get feedback.I'm wondering which Bobbi Brown goodie to go for next. At the moment I've only got two items so I would only need an teenie tiny bag but by this time next year I too hope to have a fabulous bag to put all of my treasures in.xx