Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A rather excited fifty something bride!

After months of driving my poor friends and family mad by talking non stop about mine and Mr R's nuptials, but not actually getting round to doing anything about those oh so little important matters, such as setting a date and finding a venue, I can at last jump up and down in a frenzy of excitement and announce to the world...."Pencil in the 7th July in next year's diary, because you've got a wedding to attend!"
 One very excited lady!

I had high hopes for Goldbrick House in Bristol. Perfectly placed, great reputation, not too big or too small, looked good in the photos and within our budget. So, all boxes ticked. Booking an appointment to go and give the venue the once over was the first big step that we had actually taken towards doing anything about organising a wedding. To say that I was excited is something of an understatement!
So we've been, oohed and aahed, asked all the important questions, left and smiled at each other and agreed that we had found our venue and after almost booking a Monday instead of a Saturday, our wedding date was set.
I don't think that poor Mr R had much of an idea of how much his bride to be would then go into wedding planning overdrive! So many conversations now start with....I've been thinking.....I've seen a potential photographer, stationer etc etc.... What do you think of this idea........Can you just take a quick look at this website ! I wouldn't be surprised if my poor intended doesn't decide to take to the hills! Is it any wonder that he's taken to walking around the house wearing headphones!
 Poor Mr R needs to escape all of this wedding talk!

My little blue book is starting to fill up fast. There are pages full of lists of potential vendors, readings, music choices,guest lists..day and evening, themes and colour schemes.I haven't got round to sorting out a mood board yet but that's on my "to do" list.Top of the list of priorities is to find the photographer. There are many very talented photographers to choose from in the Bristol area that choosing one will be difficult. I worry that our little wedding wont match up with what they are used to. Viewing their websites full of amazing photos of gorgeous young couples in amazing settings has me worrying that we might get rejected in favour of a bigger, more photogenic wedding. Is there a photographer out there who can work his magic with a very tall groom and very short bride? Can he,or she,disguise my wrinkles, batwings, rather wide posterior? I still want to look like me of course....just tweeked a little! I am notoriously fussy about having my photo taken.Specs have to come off, only shots from the boobs upwards,no toothy smiles...a photographers nightmare!
Something of a photographers challenge!!

So the countdown finally begins. I can at last, write posts about the journey to our Big Day and share our ups and downs of that journey with you.I've felt a little guilty of late that I've misled you a little by using a wedding orientated blog title when I've written so little about the subject, however I'd hate to bore you silly with solely wedding talk so I promise to ramble on about this,that and the other now and again!
Until next time. xx


  1. Oh Brigitte - its wonderful! Can't wait for the next installment!

  2. Thanks Tina. I really appreciate that lovely comment.I'm so pleased that you are enjoying my blog. xx

  3. Ooh well done on the venue! It's so exciting when it all starts to come together!

  4. Isn't it just. Trying to keep my feet firmly on the ground but it's not easy. xx

  5. Hey, try these people as photographers - they comprise of a husband and wife team who are a very tall man and a very short woman! I must declare an interest, she's a friend of mine:


    But they're lovely, sensitive and I'm confident would do a good job. I'd have them as mine but they're guests!


  6. I really appreciate the suggestion.I took a peek at their website and wow,what beautiful photos. You are lucky to have such gifted friends. Sadly, they are located too far from our venue in Bristol. It would have been good to have photographers who would be sympathetic to our height difference!
    Are you getting married soon? xx

  7. I'm pretty sure they travel. Give them a call if you like them and find out.

    No, not soon - not til November 2012! But I never thought I would get married at all so quite soon in that respect I guess!

  8. Congratulations! Have you started your planning yet? Would love to hear all about it. I never thought that I would be walking up the aisle again. It's all so exciting...

  9. I checked with Victoria and they do travel - in fact they were in Somerset for a wedding the other day. She's amazing because she's also very good at organising things and spotting problems before they happen because of her background. Can't recommend them enough!

    We've booked our venue but probably won't do much now until the winter.

  10. Well, I've not been doing much blog reading recently so have only just caught up with your most excellent news!


    Congratulations on finding your perfect venue. Now the fun starts. Jut one tip! Don't leave it till 4 weeks before the wedding to sort your dress. Word from the wise! ;-)

  11. OK,oh wise one, I promise that I won't! The thought of finding a wedding dress fills me with both excitement and dread. I usually hate anything I try on and often come away from shopping trips empty handed because nothing looks right on my 5ft nothing curvy bod! I'm going to need my best girls to come along with me when it comes to choosing the dress and I'll have to listen to me when they give advice!

  12. awww I can feel your excitement :)
    My wedding anniversary is 1st July. A very good month to get married x x
    p.s. don't forget to post the invite.
    p.p.s I'm also a calligrapher lol

  13. July '12 does seem ages away but I'm sure that time will fly by. We should have chosen an end of July date so that we could have gone off on our honeymoon straight away, rather than wait until the school term ended, but we were worried that our guests might go off on their hols and couldn't attend our big day, and that my first wedding was held at the end of the month.

  14. So exciting to have your date; it will fly by till then!

  15. I'm ticking off the days already !

  16. Ah bless glad you have a date we also got married on the 7th July and 2012 will be our 33 anniversary . My daughter gets married this year in sep so it's fun all the way.