Monday, 16 May 2011

The small matter of a cake!

I like cake...alot! All cake in my opinion is good. Be it the humble little rock cake,or the most extravagent of confectionary creations!There is never a time when the sight,smell and taste of a soft sponge, rich fruit cake or moist chocolate gateau doesn't have me almost swooning. Cake is naughty. Cake is comforting. Cake is always,always delicious!
As much as I enjoy eating the odd mouthful or two (or three,four....) of sweet yumminess, I get as much, if not more enjoyment when I don my pinny and whip up a  quick batch or two. There's something very theraputic in the process of creating a cake.A warm kitchen, the radio playing in the background and the rhythmic beating together of  ingredients somehow helps me switch off from the humdrum  and tribulations of daily life. I very rarely make cakes to be eaten chez nous. Most of the time it's just me and number two son and there's no way that the pair of us can eat anything more than the odd morsel or two. My son isn't a big cake eater and I'm trying to be good in anticipation of not looking like a beached whale on my wedding day! Fortunately for my colleagues at work, they have become my willing guinea pigs and are more than happy test drive my latest baking creation. As long as they eat my cake, I'll carry on making them!

So, now that we have a wedding date and venue organised, my thoughts have turned whether we want a theme, thoughts on colour schemes, how to style the venue and of course the cake! Do I want a conventional wedding cake or shall I go for something different! What are my options?
I could go down the royal route and go the whole hog and have a magnificant  multi- tiered  beauty of a cake.
Followed by a second little chocolate number
But that would be sooo unoriginal, and besides our guest list is so small that our guests would be taking home doggy sackloads of  the cake to try and get rid of it!

We could go continental
And choose a croquembouche. Or a
french macaron pyramid. Looks good, but not really cake is it!

What about a fabulous chocolate extravaganza from Choccywoccydoodah
Tempting, but not really my thing!

How about something cheesey....
From the English Cheesecake Company  or
         ... a cheese wedding cake! Oooh no... That's not cake!

I could play very safe and decide on the ubiquitous cupcake....
image The Artisan Cupcake Company

.....but despite them looking exceedingly pretty, it's just not quite fitting in with my vision!

 How about doughnuts....
          .....getting closer! Or....

   ....a tiered victoria sandwich. Now we are getting somewhere!

What has really captured my imagination is the idea of a cake spread. A table filled with an assortment of homemade cakes (including cupcakes!) displayed  on vintage plates and cake stands.
            I like the idea of using cake bunting and flags.
I have this mad idea of doing all of the baking myself. In reality this of course could prove to be somewhat impractical and a logistical nightmare. As everyone reminds me...I may be a little bit busy on the day of run up to my wedding to be baking from morning to night. It's a lovely idea though and one I would like to pull off. But do you know  what? I bet we end up with something like this....
   and be quite ok with it!                                             


  1. I love cake too. But not wedding cake - dry old fruit cake with yucky marzipan. Okay, I quite like the icing. My greedy little heart sings if I come across actual, nice cake I want to eat! Actually, it's only happened once that I can recall. I'm planning on something truly decadent and delicious and probably chocolatey (although bf may insist on one tier being fruit cake - ugh). I only wish I could have cupcakes too! But I think I'd be the greediest person there and the only one eating both cake AND cupcakes. Love the idea of a cake table - I bet people would be thrilled to bring something along.

  2. I have a feeling that sadly none of my guests will oblige. I just love the idea of a table groaning with lots of cakes of all shapes and sizes. But which one to choose for the cake cutting piccies? I think that my vision is a bit of a fanciful dream, but you never know! Your chocolatey cake idea sounds scrummy. Perhaps you could have an iced fruitcake cupcake to keep the groom happy! x

  3. Think we might go for different flavour tiers although I fancy this (but not in pink - hate pink) which is entirely chocolate:

  4. Cake was the one area where hubby put his foot down! I was definitely, and much to my chagrin, not allowed to make my own cake. Buzz kill! We had cupcakes but I begged, borrowed and broke cake-stands from my friends (I recommend avoiding the latter...thankfully it wasn't vintage)and they looked gorgeous.

  5. I tell you what, ask me to your wedding and I'll make my world famous triple lemon cake to bring. Can't say fairer than that!

  6. I love the idea of vintage cake stands Evie. Must take another peek at your fab wedding pics and see if you have any photos of your cake display.

  7. My mouth is watering at the thought of a triple lemon cake, and if it's world famous then you will just have to go straight to the top of the VIP guest list!:-D

  8. Just looked at your wedding photos Evie. The glass cake stands look amazing, and as for the cakes....yum,yum,yum!

  9. I am having a cake spread at my wedding - we are buying in some cakes and asking close friends to make some. My mum has bought some of the little cake flags too! I'm not a big fan of cake, so if guests let me down on the baking front I won't be that fussed :-)

  10. I love the thought of all those cakes, but I'm also excited about sourcing lots of goodies to dress the table with. Just hope that the cake gets eaten otherwise it'll be cake for breakfast,lunch and supper for weeks after!

  11. My daughter wanted a choccywokkydoda cake but not at 2-3,000 !!
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