Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Cakes and Niggles!

I can't believe that it's been a month since I last posted anything here on my little blog. What a bad bloggery thing to do and I'm sitting here woefully hanging my head in shame and full of remorse! I have no excuses,except maybe that the old memory is going! But I'm at the hardly over the hill age of 50ish, so that's a pretty lame reason for not putting finger to key!

Apart from wedding plans,which I'll come to later,what's been happening in my little world? I have to say that I'm a teensy bit excited right now and have an exciting little project simmering away.I'm sure by now you know that I love to bake. We aren't big cake eaters here at chez nous (well I would be,but that's not good for the ever increasing waistline!) so I experiment and take what ever works into school.A few weeks a colleague asked if I could provide the cakes for her ladies golfing day. Wow! Thought I. People are actually prepared to pay for my cakes! So,a little seed of an idea has started to grow and now I'm seriously thinking of setting up my own little cakery business.Making the cakes is the easy part, knowing how to start up a business from scratch is another thing! Creating this blog page has been a steep learning curve and now I'm faced with the daunting task of working out how to sort out a website.I am now totally stuck and haven't a clue where to start.There is nothing in the kitty to get a super lovely web designer to come up with my very own website so it's going to have to be a case of blindly going down the DIY route.....gulp!Then there's marketing, the red tape stuff and accounts to work out.Scary! I may still get cold feet and abandon any plans of  providing Wiltshire (and further afield) with my own take on cupcakes.And yes,I know there are more than enough brilliant cupcake makers out there and not much room for one more, but wouldn't it be a challenge to see if I can do something other than be a pretty ok teaching assisistant!

A few samples from my sessions in the kitchen.They may look a little basic,and I haven't got my head around  trying to make sugarpaste pretties yet.But they all taste simply divine,which just so happens to be the name I've given my little cake venture!

Now back to wedding planning! Over the last couple of weeks little niggles have been dancing around in this head of mine! Nothing to do with getting married. Of that I couldn't be more sure,but it's the wedding itself. I worry that our venue isn't going to be right. Will our merry band of guests fit into the restaurant without being squeezed in like sardines? Is not having any outside space an issue? Will anybody bother to turn up in the evening when they have to make a trip along the motorway to get to Bristol? I love our venue. It's unique and fits in perfectly with my vision of the day. The food is delicious and the whole package is well within our budget. We would be hard pushed to find anywhere that compares.So do I really need to worry about it?

I have worried about the logistics of getting everything looking  spot on perfect at the venue on the day when I also need to attempt to make myself  look spot on perfect! How on earth to get around that? I mentioned using the services of an on the morning stylist to Mr R thinking that he would tell me to stop fantasising and no way were we going to splash out on such a non essential. I nearly fell off my chair when he agreed that I couldn't possibly do everything myself and to go ahead and sort out a stylist! Mr R.....you are my hero!
 My biggest worry is my dress and how I'll scrub up on the day! But that issue's becoming a bit of a boring subject and I've had lots of offers of help from lots of lovely friends both in person and online,so I'll say no more about that!
No doubt every couple wonders at some point in the planning if  they are making the right decisions.I don't tend to stress much so I'm quite surprised that I've already started to worry a little about this that and the other.I want everything to be perfect,but deep down I know that the most important thing is to remember what the wedding is really all about !
This week we can finally book the registrar. Mr R is under strict instructions to phone the registrars office in Bristol to secure a booking as soon as the clock strikes nine on Thursday . Once that's done we can get on with sorting out the photographer.So please come back later and find out about our journey to find our perfect photographer.
With love
Brigitte xx


  1. Brigitte, there's always room for someone good! And if those are your cakes, they look very good indeed! You just need to find your niche, set up a blog site and get on Twitter and you'll work it out. Get some business advice from those who have done what you're doing, and maybe even speak to bakers in other areas to see how they did it. It's scary but exciting!

  2. Hi Claire,The excitement level went up another notch today. We have a lovely teaching assistant at my school who did graphic design and IT at uni and he's offered to design a website for me! What a star! I've decided that my cakes will be fuss free without lots of sprinkles, sugarpaste flowers etc. A minimalistic cupcake!! I want my website to reflect this.Sharp clean lines and no fuss. I'm itching to see what he comes up with!

  3. Hi Brigitte
    Let your cake pictures do the talking for you. People eat with their eyes.There will never be a time when people don't want cakes.
    Good Luck

  4. Thank you Lynn.I've never known anyone to turn down cake.I work in a school and the staff are my very willing guinea pigs despite them moaning that I'm not helping their waistlines!

  5. Oh god, I'm really hungry now...