Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mr R speaks ...

With a little bit of gentle persuasion and blatent nagging, Mr R agreed to write my very first guest  post!  It's taken a while, but finally he's put finger to key. Over to you sweetheart........

So the countdown begins !  Only another 350-odd days to enjoy (??) my freedom (??) before hitching (being hitched by) the next Mrs R ! Of course I can only really speak in relative (forgive the pun) terms about the concept of freedom.  Brigitte and I have enjoyed an extended period of cohabiting since March 2009.  A period that has given us plenty of opportunity to get used to each other and time to properly consider whether this is what we really want for the rest of our lives.  This situation is not new to Brigitte, having lived together with her first husband prior to their marriage.  In my case, this situation was not possible owing primarily to the rather more traditional values held by my previous wifes family.  My first wife (and there has only been one) had a wish to marry in an ivory dress.  Traditional values in her family being what they were it was on her mothers insistence that the poor girl had to settle for virginal white !  And so, we plunged into the unknown with, in all honesty, some very happy times in our 22 years.

And so to Brigitte.  I, indeed we, are in complete control of planning for our big day on July 7th, 2012,  Well, not complete control of course.  The heavens could open, the planned venue could burn down, the photographer could forget to put any film in his camera !  Well in these days of digital photography I guess we can rule out the last of those eventualities.  I'm sure you get my drift but we are in as much control as is physically possible.

We considered, and reconsidered, several venues before deciding on Goldbrick House, a wonderfully atmospheric and quirky venue in the centre of Bristol.  Our one reservation is that it lacks any real outside space but in choosing a venue it is always going to be a case of balancing pros and cons.  And Goldbrick House certainly has a lot more pros than cons.  There are still opportunities for photographs of the big event in the adjacent St Georges or beside Cabot Tower at the top of Brandon Hill with wonderful views over Bristol.  We have eaten at Goldbrick House on a number of occasions and never been disappointed by the quality of the food or the service provided by the very attentive staff.

So what of Mr R ?  How does he feel about his time with Brigitte ?  How much is he looking forward to the wedding and to spending the  rest of his life with Brigitte ?  Mr R is very happy right now and feels very happy and lucky to have met Brigitte.  Of course, wedding plans are so often a girl thing with the guy just turning up on the day and signing on the dotted line.  Historically this is probably the case as the girl's parents control the purse strings so it's inevitable that a lot of the decision making comes from that side.  It's also the case that girls care so much about how things look, especially themselves, and other things cosmetic.  In this respect Mr R is very different.  He does care how things look and wants his bride to look at her very best on the special day. 

Along with venue and registrar, we now have our photographer sorted for the day.  We short-listed three from the Bath and Bristol area and plumped for Sam Gibson.  Our decision was primarily based on his contemporary style and professional approach but also on the fact that he seems a really nice guy.  We have no doubt he will do a great job without being at all obtrusive - quite a tall order in, what is after all, not the largest of venues.  No pressure Sam !


  1. What a lovely post - thanks Mr R! It's so lovely to have both of your voices providing an alternative point of view in this wedding blog universe :D

  2. Nice to meet you Mr R - I think you will both be very happy together and I'm looking forward to many more posts to come from Brigitte before the big day 7th July 2012!