Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Mental maths, Little Britain and the little matter of a photographer!

It was only yesturday when it occured to me that I had no idea how many weeks it was until our wedding day. I knew that it was just under eleven months away, but being the very unproud holder of a grade C CSE maths certificate I can't convert months into weeks without the aid of my trusty Fisher Price first culculator. Mr R would be thoroughly ashamed at the thought of his wife to be being such a pleb at basic maths.He has a degree in maths and is a bit of a whizz at anything to do with numbers, but I use the excuse that I work with five year olds and spend most of my time using my fingers to count with!!
So after a couple of  dodgey culculations involving the incorrect use decimal points I discovered that there is indeed only 47 weeks left until we do the deed and not 477.777777 as my oversized culculator first informed me!!

Now 47 weeks might seem like an incredibly long time, but I've discovered that in wedding planning terms, that's really no time at all. My first reaction was to panic ever so slightly. Using my culculator again I worked out that I would need to start losing x numbers of pounds and y numbers of inches a week if I wanted to wear that chic and elegant dream gown and not a rather large tent! Yikes....that's a lot of pounds and a lot of inches, so maybe it's time to start living off of  lettuce and celary sticks and ditch the cupcakes. Maybe I should even start walking to work!!!

So what's been sorted and given a tick, job done, on The Plan? The venue was sorted a while ago and the registrary bit has mostly been sorted. What an experience that was! Mr R compared it to being in that Little Britain sketch..The Computer says Yes! I started to worry when we were told that we were to be interviewed seperately. What if they were going to ask me obscure questions like what was your fiance's favourite bedtime story when he was five,or which is his favourite brand of toothpaste? What if we were rejected and our details sent to immigration or where ever for trying to arrange a sham wedding! I needn't have worried ,although I did panic slightly when I couldn't tell the registrar what Mr R's job title was...errrr,something to do with computers!!

The most exciting bit of the planning that has now been organised is we have.....drumroll..... our photographer !! Now I know that I harp on about the differences between organising a 1989 wedding and one for 2012, but for all of you youngsters out there, you might not realise how easy you've got it, what with blogs,websites apps etc, but back in my day you had to rely on word of mouth,  staring at displys in studio windows or good old Yellow Pages. I was lucky, I knew back then exactly who I wanted to take our photos. His studio was on Park Row in Bristol, which to me was a bit of a posh address and back then mattered. The photos in the window looked rather good, and besides all you needed was someone to point the camera and get you to say cheese! Apart from a couple of cheesy photos of the happy couple, all the other photos were group shots. One of the grooms family,one of the brides family,one of the grooms friends etc etc etc! There is a photo of the cutting of the cake, but little things such as table details, food, accessories etc were just not recorded. I have no idea what those little details looked like  twenty two years later, which is such a shame.
So it was really important to both of us that we had beautiful creative photos of every aspect of our big day from start to almost finish. We wanted mostly candid photos with a just a couple of posed shots. Mr R and I don't do cheesy  so it was important to find a photographer who wouldn't have us looking all gooey eyed whilst trying to get into some back breaking poses. At 50 years of age there would be a real danger that one of us would put their back out! A great eye for detail was also top of our wish list.A lot of thought will go into the little details, so in years to come I want us to be able to look back and remember  all the little things that contributed into making our day, a special day!
 A little too cheesy for this vintage couple!!

We didn't have to spend ages trawling through hundreds of websites to find our perfect photographer.One caught my eye almost immediately. His style of photography was perfect for us and I loved his creativity. In one word...wow! Fingers and toes were crossed that he was free on our day, which thankfully he was. We duly arranged a meeting and hoped that we would hit it off. He may take the most stunning photographs, but if we didn't feel comfortable and at ease with him then it wasn't going to work.We needn't have worried. Sam instantly put us at ease and as my mother would say... was such a nice young man! We were rather taken with his professional approach and oohed and aahed over his gorgeous albums. Mr R had just the week before purchased a rather large and shiny new camera and I knew that he was itching to ask lots of techy type of questions, but was under strict instructions not to do so. A swift kick under the table now and again and he thankfully behaved himself!  Our minds were made up before we had even reached Jamie's Italian just a few feet away from where we had met our photographer. And the name of this rather talented young man...Sam Gibson Do take a peek at his website. I think that you'll be rather impressed!