Wednesday, 7 September 2011

What every bride needs.....A Little Wedding Helper

To me there has always been three important elements to our wedding. The first is obviously the ceremony itself. Making meaningful and personal vows to each other and becoming husband and wife. The second is having family and friends there to celebrate with us and have a jolly good time with plenty of good food,wine,music and a chance to kick their shoes off and dance the night away. Lastly, I want the chance to add a little "wow" factor to our wedding by making our already lovely venue look amazing. Paris, as you know, holds a special place in our hearts as it is where we got engaged and it's a city we have fallen in love with. We are both pretty ancient, so it made perfect sense to style our wedding with little touches of vintage Paris and personalise it with photos,mementos and little anecdotes.
But one thing worried me about creating a gorgeous setting for our big day. How on earth were we going to be able to transform ourl venue into a little corner of  Paris and who was going to do it? I'll be a little bit preoccupied trying to turn myself into a blushing bride. Friends and family don't want the responsibility and Mr R ,bless him, wouldn't know where to start. What I needed was my very own fairy godmother who understood exactly my vision for the day, who could wave her magic wand and create that wow factor, leaving me to worry about nothing other than will I be able to walk in heels without falling flat on my face!
Through the power of Twitter I knew from a very early stage of our planning exactly who that fairy godmother should be. So many people connected to the wedding business speaks highly of her on Twitter, and it was obvious that she was not only a very talented lady who loved what she did, but  was a lovely person too. You can't believe how excited I was when Mr R agreed that we really needed her help and to go ahead and email Kirsten, aka The Little Wedding Helper.
Kirsten isn't a wedding planner, but will style and decorate your venue, taking the stress of trying to do it yourself  away from  you so that you can relax and enjoy a bit of pampering whilst getting ready on The Day. She is full of ideas, inspiration and suggestions and has an amazing eye for detail and those personal little touches.She loves talking wedding and it's obvious that she is committed to helping couples turn dreams into reality.
A meeting was arranged and we met a couple of weeks ago at our venue, Goldbrick House .I really thought that Mr R would just say hello and scarper, but he stayed and nodded in the right places, but afterwards admitted that most things went wooosh...straight over his head! Kirsten really is as lovely as everyone says. She's a great listener and came up with ideas I would never have dreamt of. Her enthusiasm is infectious and I would feel more than happy leaving our venue styling in her capable hands knowing that she will do a far better job than I could ever hope to achieve.You don't only find fairy godmothers in fairy stories. There's a real life one down the M4 from us in Bristol. And I feel like a very lucky fifty something bride to have her there to wave that magic wand of hers on July 7th for us.

Here is a little taster of what ideas we have to add a little "vieux francais" on our big day. Oh and apologies for my rubbish french!!
Our colours will be aqua and pink. We are having long tables and hope to have glass bottles of various sizes and shapes filled with peonies running down the centre of the tables, along with candles and vintage cups and saucers.
I love Mason jars filled with flowes or used as candle holders. Don't you just love these lace doillies decorated jars and the aqua tinted ones.
We hope to display little vignettes
And pretties that say "vintage Paris"

We intend to use postcards in an imaginative way!!
And a little flurry of bunting
And dotted around will be beautiful black and white photos
We love the idea of using a vintage suitcase for cards
And photos of  family weddings
Who knows, you may even spy the odd Eiffel Tower or two !
Now all I need to do is start collecting. Ooh, let the fun begin!!


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. It's going to be spectacularly beautiful. You must be beside yourself with excitement.

  2. Ooh, I am Evie. I have a head full of ideas, I just hope that I can find everything I want, and that my DIY skills are up to scratch. I've painted one preserving jar with glass paint. There are a few runs and smudges, but these add to their charm. Well maybe that's pushing it, but at least you can tell they're home made!! xx

  3. And you were ADAMANT no Eiffel towers! But I'm glad you changed your mind - it' so iconic. Now, a man with a big tache, a stripy top and a string of onions on a bike? THAT'S too far!

  4. Haha! Now you've gone and spoilt the suprise ! How on earth did you guess what Mr R's wedding outfit was going to be? And as for the Eiffel Tower...well isn't it a brides's perogative to change her mind!! So yes, it will be included....but only little ones! xx

  5. How lovely! Your certainly in capable hands with Kirsten x

  6. Aren't I just! I feel very lucky to know that I can leave all of the styling in Kirsten's very capable hands. A real life fairy godmother !

  7. Looking and sounding Fab Bridgitte!

  8. Aww,thank you Rachel. Can't believe how much I enjoy planning the little details for the wedding, and I feel very lucky that I have Kirsten to turn my ideas into relity. She really is very talented.I just wonder what I'm going to do after the big day. I really am going to miss no longer being part of the wonderful world that is weddings!