Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Making do.

I cannot believe that it has been almost two months since I last wrote anything on my little blog, Standards are slipping, which just won't do. So it's time to put things right, put my thinking cap on and get those fingers tap, tap. tapping on my keyboard.
So, what's happened in those two months. Well, I suppose the most exciting thing to report is the I've actually gone and bought myself a wedding dress! exciting,tell all,you may well ask. But sadly I can't for fear of my beloved taking a rare peak at my little blog and the surprise being spoilt for him on our wedding day.You will just have to be patient and wait another eight months before all is revealed.
Now you would think that I would be jumping up and down with excitement that I have bought the dress of my dreams, but in all honestly I'm not. Don't get me wrong.It really is a lovely dress.But I don't love the dress and surely I should!
 Shouldn't I be jumping up and down with excitement now that I've bought The Dress?

Ever since we decided to set a date for the wedding, the matter of The Dress has been troubling me. Here I am, on the wrong side of fifty, short, but far from petite, who would love to think outside of the box and not end up with a traditional A line strapless wedding dress. Maybe I didn't really want a wedding dress at all, but something beautiful and elegant and well.. different! I had visions of beautiful satin numbers reminiscent of the of 1930's glamour when dresses were called gowns.My dream dress would be cut on the bias with a wonderful cowl neckline dipped at the back. But to wear such a dress, I would need to grow more than a few inches and lose rather a lot of pounds, not to mention practically living in a gym to tone up all of the flabby bits!

I've lost count of how many wedding dresses I've looked at on the internet and in magazines.Every now and again I'd see one that I actually liked, but they were all no goes because they were way way out of budget.And that was part of the problem too. I needed to find a dress that was a bargain.And I mean a really good bargain. Not a designer dress that was in the sale and reduced by a couple of hundred, but a dress that itself only costed a couple of hundred at the most! I looked at dresses from shops such as Monsoon. Gorgeous dresses at great prices but on me they looked like shapeless nighties!
Was I searching for the dress that did not exist? Was I being too picky? Should I have heeded  my mother's advice and opted for a floral pastel chiffon number with shoes and handbag to match and turn into a spitting image of Hyacinth Bouquet?

Anyway, to cut a long story short.A couple of weeks ago I made the decision that I should just get on with the dress buying business because I could go on dreaming forever for my fantasy dress and in the end, end up with nothing!  I dragged my friend along to the bridal boutiques of Swindon. Or rather,she dragged me! I was adement that the dress had to have straps, be understated and definately no bling!

Dresses were tried on. Some discarded the moment I took one look in the mirror.Talk about looking like a fairy elephant!  Some lasted a little longer. I listened to my friend's advice. I trust her opinion absolutely. She would never fob me off by telling me something looks lovely when clearly I resembled a sack of potatoes in it!
Me !

One dress I tried on lasted longer than the rest. It was pretty, simple and with a lot of pulling of laces I became lump free, although any thoughts of breathing could quickly be forgotten. Even better it was in the sale and a bargain. That would make Mr R very happy indeed. So without further ado the dress was paid for and I was assured that the seamstress could cope with a few minor alterations, like chopping off copious amounts of material from here there and everywhere!
There's going to be a lot of snipping away going on with a pair of these to get my dress to fit perfectly.

So, I've now got a dress that as lovely as it is, isn't what I wanted.It's not unique or even very different from countless other dresses, but I'm resigned to it, and at the end of the day it is only a dress. I can still add my own personality to the overall effect by adding my choice of accessories. Maybe I can think out of the box when it comes to choosing them. So what's next? Of course it has to be shoes. And if you think that I am fussy when it comes to dresses.Well,you aint seen nothing yet!


  1. I'm sure the dress will be perfect for the day Brigitte and after all ... the day isn't about the dress, is it?

  2. You will look Gorgeous. I told you my dress wasn't what I'd originally dreamt of because when I found the dress I dreamt of it looked horrible! I tried something I hadn't thought of and it looked fabulous! So don't worry you will be a beautiful bride xx

  3. Thanks ladies. I have problems picking out everyday clothes so choosing a wedding dress was always going to be a nightmare. It will all come together on the day and as long I'm getting married to Mr R then really it shouldn't matter what I'm wearing! Ok, that's not entirely true, but it's not worth getting too stressed over a dress. However, wait til I have to buy shoes. Super stressy times ahead!

  4. Sarah-Jane Shepherd23 November 2011 at 15:07

    I am sure you will look stunning ;) I think your gorgeous personally would shine through whatever you wore. I can't wait. Minky love by the truck load Sj xxx

  5. Ooh Sarah're making me blush ! Thank you. I'm going to try my very best to look my best, but there's only so much you can do when you are as ancient as me! Never mind if I don't wow them all. I know that the cake will! Big hugs. xx