Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Me a hen? Old broiler more like!

I've recently been thinking of how to celebrate getting hitched with my girlie friends.I'm not going to say celebrate my last few weeks of freedom, as it sounds as though I've been found guilty of commiting some henious crime and I'm going to have a last chance of living it up before waiting to be sentenced !  Nor am I all that keen on calling it a hen do. When I think of a hen do, I picture an excited beautiful young bride- to- be surrounded by her chicks and hitting the town. I can hardly call myself a hen these days, more like an old broiler instead! And as for hitting the town....not on your nelly! Somehow me dressed in veil, sash and sucking on a pink willy straw is an image I wouldn't like to force onto the poor general public!

Me thinks that I'm over the hill for any of that tiara wearing malarkey !

Wedding number one's hen do was a very quiet affair.For some reason I decided that an evening out with just my mum and sister was a great way to celebrate my pending nuptials. From what I remember, hen parties were really low key those days. I can't recall any of the  paraphernalia  that seems to be almost compulsory these days, or anything other than a simple night out with the girls. Maybe I just missed out, and brides-to-be all over the country were partying away whilst my fun and games were over by 10pm! We lived it up by sharing a bottle of Chardonney at a wine bar, followed by a burger. We couldn't stay out late as dad was picking us up in his Skoda!

A burger with my mum and sister. I sure knew how to push the boat out!

This time around, I want to go to town and celebrate my forthcoming Big Day in style. A day, evening or whatever, to remember ! But how? I've been racking my brains for ideas and being a right old pain by bugging my friends to come up with suitable ideas themselves. 

So what have we come up with so far?

What I really, really would like to do is have a weekend in Paris (where else!) But the cost of travel, accomodation etc seems to have ruled that one out sadly.
Oh, to be in Paris!

Glamping sounded like fun.

Even posh camping was too close to nature for some!

A spa weekend perhaps?

Too much exposing of flesh!

Quad biking, paintballing, walking on ropes in trees, canoeing, mountain biking?

And risk breaking a leg? Maybe not such a good idea?

Stretch Limo and a show. ! Show....maybe !

Cupcake decorating, Dirty Dancing lesson, cocktail masterclass ?

Liking the sound of that!

Or maybe something along the lines of an overnight stay in Bristol (where else!) combined with an activity of sorts, shopping, cocktails, great meal and finally on to a bar for a bit of late night chilling. Sounds good? But please ladies,don't even think about anything  pink and tacky !


  1. Just a thought ... The Lido in Clifton is lovely for food, spa treatments , swim Jacuzzi . I am not involved with the place just love it and often see hen parties there.
    Jill x

  2. Hi Jill. What a fab idea! I've walked past the Lido but never been inside. Heard great things though. Definately one to consider. Thanks for the suggestion. xxx

  3. have you looked at the makery in Bath? they do Hen specials - make your own garters etc or life drawing with a male model and fizz!

  4. Thanks Em for the suggestion. I've been to the Makery shop, which I love despite not even being able to sew a button on or cast on for Knitting. Not sure about making a garter (at 52, I'm not showing my legs off to anyone!) but life drawing? That sounds more up my street!! xx