Monday, 30 January 2012

Pretty,shiny,sparkly things....and shoes!

I've never really been one for jewellery especially anything that cost more than just a few pounds. In the 80's I did go through a bit of a scary phase of wearing earrings Pat Butcher would be proud of, but teamed up with shoulder pads the width of the Humber Bridge and a rather fetching poodle perm, I wouldn't have looked out of place in a Wham video and was rewarded by the odd wolf whistle. Granted, these were usually from a passing saucy OAP, but hey, who cares. A wolf whistle is still a wolf whistle no matter who does the whistling!

Husband number one had a thing about gold. In his eyes, all jewellery should have a caret mentioned somewhere in the description and had to be bought from a shop where a suited assistant brought out plush velvet trays from display cases. But husband number one's aspirations were much bigger than his wallet and although he wanted to see me dripping with gold, in reality his budget stretched as far as the finest shortest necklaces or tiniest studs.Not that I'm complaining, as each golden gift was very much appreciated.It's just that once in a while all I wanted was a bangle from Boots!

As I've got older my tastes have changed and not always for the best! Rather than swooning over understated tasteful jewellery, I seem to have a thing for all things that sparkle.And I don't just mean precious gems and lucious pearls.Show me the gaudiest baubles and anything covered in rhinestones and I'm a happy lady! It doesn't take much for me to get all excited over a tub of sequins or pot of glitter these days! My excuse is that I've been working with five year old olds for far too long and who don't believe that less is more when it comes to sparkle!

Don't get me wrong. I can ooh and aah over the sparkliest and tackiest of pretties, but I wouldn't be seen dead in anything that turned me into a walking Christmas tree. I like to think that I do have some taste! Take my wedding ring for example. I have short fingers on a little hand. A huge sparkler in a fussy setting would just look wrong. Instead a chose a very simple band with a square cut solataire. Very simple but stylish. A bit like me really!!

Talking of weddings, the time has come to start thinking about accessories. Since buying the dress that I said that I  would never in a million years want to wear at my wedding, I have been thinking of ways to personalise the whole look and step away from the whole ivory,crystal and pearl look. I wanted to inject a bit of colour. Initially I thought about wearing a cardi. Not a lambswool number from M&S, but something cobwebby and a little bohemian.My friends thought me mad. A cardi over a wedding dress...was I crazy! So that idea quickly bit the dust. Then I thought back to my childhood and how I used to love playing with my nan's sparkly dress brooches.Pretty little numbers encrusted with gems of a rainbow's worth of colour.This was what I wanted. Vintage sparkle for a vintage me. And there had to be colour. Nothing too bright, but soft pastels in keeping with my vintage colours.

I have found, thanks to Ebay, the prettiest of vintage brooches. A bargain at £5.99! Lots of little flowers in pale yellow and green with gems to match. Not exactly my wedding colours, but is there a rule to say that everything has to match? The gems are peridot in colour, my birthstone, so the brooch is personal to me and it is really pretty. I love it! Now I need someone clever to transform it into a beautiful hair accessory. I still need to find the perfect earrings and other pretties, so I'm keeping a beady eye open for them.

The other essential item needed is of course "the shoes"! Anyone who knows me, knows too well that I am the world's worst shoe shopper. I like shoes but they don't like me! What with wide feet , thick ankles and bunions, I have a real problem buying shoes that fit. A nice pair of trainers would be perfect, but my wise friends would have a fit if I dared to turn up in a pair of Nike!
What I would really like is a pair of mid heel height shoes with straps. Colour would be great. Flowers would be wonderful and sparkle a bonus. I'm not after a pair of Jimmy Choos but anything that lets me climb stairs, walk without wobbling and smile without grimacing in pain would be wonderful !
But at the end of the day, what I really want to wear is a good old comfortable pair of flip flops...with sparkle of course!


  1. Ooo I'm with you I love all the things you have they are so pretty. I'm sure what ever you pick you will be a fab bride and I for one can't wait to see the pictures xxx

  2. Pretty shiny things. Go for it. And I'd go with the cardigan too. Very chic if you go with ethereal.

  3. Thanks ladies. I'm more excited about buying the accessories than the dress.How mad is that! I would have loved the cardi but now opting for some sheer straps similar to the wedding dress Zara Phillips wore.Just need a dressmaker now to sort them out for me!