Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The small matter of........transport !

I rather like January this year! As a rule it's just a long month that drags on and on. The cashpoint always insists on telling me that I need to live on fresh air. I always seem to have gained more spare tyres than kept in stock at Kwik-Fit and everything just seems so grey ! Nothing happens in January. Apart from New Years Day, there is nothing to celebrate.In February there's Valentine's Day and maybe pancakes. Mother's Day and sometimes Easter in March and after that the weather has hopefully perked up and you can celebrate just for being able to enjoy a bit of sunshine! Yep! January is as a rule just plain depressing!

Time for a dose of the January blues? No, not for me!

This January is a bit different.This is the month that I dust down my trusty wedding planning notebook and resume the serious business of getting a certain wedding sorted. Pennies are tight, so this is the month of research only. But that's the fun bit. A good reason to spend time for a bit of Googling and perusing my favourite blogs for inspiration. Mr R moans that I spend more time with my laptop than with him.But in a few months time he'll be congratulating me coming up trumps with creating the most awesome wedding going! In reality of course, the most important aspect of our big day is that we are  getting married, and not all the trappings that go with it. But how many oppurtunities in life do you get to plan such an amazing event as a wedding? You may as well go to town when you can....funds allowing of course!

Loving my laptop!

So, what's on top the the to do list? Well, until last week it was to sort out the tansport to take me from our hotel to the venue. A journey that would take around 15 minutes.
For wedding number one I dreamed of a vintage car taking me to the church and on to the reception afterwards. I got my dream car. Great for the short journey from my parents home to our village church, but not so great for the half hour trip to the hotel where we had our reception. The little car was sooo slow and it took ages to get there.Husband number one took advantage of the long journey and snored his way for the entire trip!

 Great for wedding number one, but not loving it this time around!

So what would be my dream transport?

A horse and carriage? Through the busy streets of Bristol? Not a good idea!

A Big Fat Gypsy Wedding carriage? Me? In that? Fat chance!

A VW campervan? Wrong nationality, but on the right track!

A Hummer stretch limmo? Spacious, but silly!

A conventional wedding car? Too boring!

This is it! This is my dream car. A Citreon 2CV. Perfect for my vintage inspired wedding!

But, after much consideration, this will be my wedding transport.

A blue Bristol cab!
Why? Because it's cheap,spacious and no one will see me arriving anyway.And I'm a Bristol girl after all!


  1. Happy new year! Not long now to the wedding of the year!

    This post so made me smile. I've spent the morning sipping coffee with a friend bemoaning the dullness of January and how I wish it would stop raining!

    And I'm with you on the car. My best girl drove me to the church and The Husband drove me and the kids to the reception. There was no way on earth I was shelling out hundreds of pounds for a 1 mile drive to the church and 20 minutes to the reception. The money was well spent elsewhere. Isn't this the joy of getting married when you've a few years under your belt? You really have a sense of perspective on things.

  2. Happy New Year to you to!

    Agree with you wholeheartedly about that last comment. First time around I wanted everything...favours,videographer,flower arrangements,church bells etc etc.Our parents paid for nearly everything and what we wanted,we got.It was a lovely day, but there were so many people there I didn't know and very little time to relax This time around we will fork out a little more for what's important to us...good food,enough to drink, good music, and a good photographer. We are also having a wedding stylist so that we know that our venue styling is in good hands so that we don't have to stress about it. Out goes the bit's that aren't essential...favours,expensive outfits and transport. Our day will be done on a smallish budget, but it will full of love,friendship and happiness. What more do you need! xx

  3. Just been catching up on your blog Brigitte - so lovely to hear about your dress and I hope son no 2 is doing well at uni. Can't wait to read more soon x