Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A time for change.

Christmas has been and gone. The house is back to it's old self, devoid of all things glittery and twinkley and homes have been found for all of the presents that Santa so kindly brought down the chimney with him and deposited under our tree. The fridge has finally stopped groaning under the weight of excess food, and my supermarket reciept doesn't have to be hidden away from Mr R just in case his blood pressure hits the roof when he sees quite how much I've spent! Of course all of those festive goodies had to go somewhere, and it is with some embarrassment that I have to say that a lot of it went in me! I haven't been to the gym for weeks. Well you don't just before Christmas do you? There's far too much to do to find 30 minutes in the day to work out. Besides, I've had a wonky knee and decided that what I needed to do was rest it. Well, that's my excuse and I'm going to stick with it! So after weeks of inactivity and being a little Christmas piggy, it was no surprise when the waistband on trousers were getting rather snug and my poor body was begging me... more!
  I've turned into a Christmas piggy!

With only 7 months away until the big day, I'm now beginning to panic somewhat. All hopes of trimming down to be somewhere within the boundaries of what the experts says should be my ideal weight have alas gone out of the window. I'm not sure if I could ever have achieved such a goal.The last time I was any where near being that slim was pre children over 21 years ago! I'm going to have to be realistic and be happy with the fact that I will be a curvy bride.Being curvy is me. That is who I am. Mr R fell in love with a middle aged woman with lots of lumps anf bumps in the wrong places and not the skinny girl I once was many moons ago. But at the moment I'm not just curvy. I'm fat. I don't like being fat. I don't look in mirrors anymore if I can help it. I hate buying clothes. I feel unattractive. I don't like the fact that I lack energy and huff and puff if I climb stairs and most importantly I worry about the implications of being obese has on my health. Looking gorgeous on my wedding day is important to me, and in my opinion I can't look gorgeous If I don't feel it, so I do want to shed a few stones for that very important date, but I'm thinking of my future too. I do not want to be yet another statstic !
One day I will burst if I carry on like this!

So today I got on the scales,gulped at the result and started day one of changing the way I eat. I'm not going to call it a diet. Diets don't work. I need to rethink how and what I eat. I must stop the constant snacking, and filling my plate with enormous portions.Eat fruit and vegetables instead of stodge.Cut down on making cakes and other baked goodies.I need to go to the gym more often and not make excuses, and once the days are longer, walk to work and not rely on driving the short distance there and back. I am lucky that I have supportive friends who will keep me on the straight and narrow. I have a circle of fabulous Twitter friends who all want to shed a pound or two and we keep an eye on each other and are always full of encouragment. I would love to lose three stone. Can I achieve that? I would like to shout YES I CAN ! I have to do this. I have to believe that it is possible. But only I can achieve my goal. Please keep all of your fingers and toes crossed for me.
I may be vintage, but I want to look absolutely fabulous on my wedding day!

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  1. BeSt of luck I am sure you will look fab at any weight x