Sunday, 26 February 2012

Thinking roses, peonies, dahlias and jam jars!

The weeks seem to be flying  by all of a sudden.For ages the wedding seemed like an eternity away, but now The Big Day is hurtling towards us at the rate of knots. Before now I have been sitting back and resting a bit too comfortably on my laurels and taken a manjana approach to getting things done. A quiet panic is slowly beginning to nibble away and the days of procrastination are well and truly over. Battle plans are being drawn up as I type and Operation W Day is under way. But before I start, I think I'll just catch up with a few missed programmes on iplayer! There's always manjana isn't there!

Putting little details aside, there really is only one big thing left to sort out that requires me to find a supplier. Everything else I can do myself. It's the one big detail that I've found quite hard to get my head around, even more so than the dress (which I'm still not entirely happy about, but better not get started there!)
 Deciding on the flowers has had me in a bit of a tiz.Getting the flowers right is very important to me. No worries if I end up looking like a dog's dinner (not entirely true) but I'd be more than a little upset if I got it wrong with the flowers.You may argue that the guests and probably Mr R, who doesn't know the difference between a phlox and a pelargonium, wont remember much about the flowers, so there's no need to stress too much, but to me,
 flowers at a wedding get to be cast in one of the starring roles, so therefore must be amazing. I'm not suggesting that you have to spend a small fortune on over the top displays or decorate every available space with them. A humble jam jar filled with a bunch of wild flowers can look just as wonderful as a display of exotic orchids. Of course you need to match the flowers with your venue and your vision for the day. That humble jam jar of flowers is going to look somewhat out of place gracing the tables of The Dorchester's banqueting halls, just as orchids might not sit easy on trstle tables in a village hall.

So thinking flowers for our relaxed vintage wedding with a Parisian twist,what exactly am I wanting? For myself, a simple posy of soft pinks,apricots and whites with maybe a little foliage. To keep costs down, I only want flowers that are in season and native to Britain. I adore peonies, big blowsy old english roses and pastel coloured showy dahlias. There are two types of flowers that I really can't stand..crysanthemums and carnations ,so they won't pass the auditions so need not apply! They always remind me of those bunches of pathetic petrol station flowers! For the tables and displays, it has to be a mismatch of containers filled with a mismatch of  pastel coloured  blooms.And yes, there will be jam jars!

To give you an idea of what I mean, I've been busy searching for photos, and here are a few examples of beautiful displays and bouquets that have caught my eye and would be perfect for our Big Day.


  1. Oh my goodness. I adore peonies. Absolutely my favourite flowers. Throw in some old fashioned roses and you're in heaven. Looks to me like you've got the idea sorted. Good luck with the florist. It was the hardest supplier for me to source too. Although your neck of the woods is far more cosmopolitan than mine, which has a fondness for carnations that I too don't share.

  2. Thanks Evie. I don't know why it's taken me so long to get down to sorting out the flowers. Sourcing a florist who hopefully will understand where I'm coming from in the flower department has been quite tricky, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for our Saturdau meeting.