Sunday, 4 March 2012

Being fifty !

I'm going to confess to something now that I know sounds faintly ridiculous. I find it embarrassing to  say that I'm a bride to be and I'm in my fifties ! I know it shouldn't make one iota of a difference what age you are when getting married, but I always feel compelled to inform anyone I need to contact about the wedding that I'm not in the first flush of youth. I shouldn't really have to point out that I'm the vintage looking person sitting in a cafe waiting to meet someone who's never set eyes on me before, but I do. Mr R and I went to a wedding fair last year and was forever being mistaken for the parents of the bride! I'm not sure who was the most embarrased, them or us. When I say us, I mean me really, because I don't think it bothered Mr R in the slightest!

Being a regular wedding blog visitor, I often take a peek at the real life weddings featured on them.Don't get me wrong, they are all beautiful and a great source of inspiration, but from the many I've looked at, I don't think I've ever seen one featuring a couple that are, well, mature in years! I would love to see a fellow older bride featured now and again so that I could have gotten some idea about the choices that they made when choosing wedding dresses, hair styles etc. I have often floundered when thinking about "my look" for the day. I needed advice and couldn't find any. Even now with the dress bought, I feel faintly silly. To be honest, I would be quite happy if our photographer didn't bother to take photos of  me at all !
It's not only the blogs that  I visit, I'm also an avid Twitter bod who enjoys having a tweet or two with fellow brides. It's great to keep up with their planning and the build up to their big day, but I can't help feeling like a bit of an imposter. I'm probably the same age as their mothers and maybe they think It's a bit odd to have this woman who is clearly ancient asking for advice about pretty shoes for feet normally clad in a good sensible pair of Clarks comfort sole flats!
A fifty something bride!

So what's wrong with being 50? Not a lot to be honest. In fact 50 is a pretty good age. I'm more confident than I've ever been. I have the freedom to do what I like whenever I like now that the boys have grown up and no longer need me to watch their every move. I feel like it's the right time to be adventerous. Face new challenges. Explore fresh avenues. Make new friends. I am discovering talents I didn't know I had. I am now at my happiest that I have been for a long time. I still feel my head!
I may even take up marathon running!

But I don't feel young else where. I can no longer leap out of bed, or put my socks on without working out the best manouver to do so without falling over. Home pedicures are proving to be impossible and trying to read the small print is a right royal pain in the neck. Why oh why do manufacturers insist on putting cooking instructions in the tiniest print going. Many a meal has been ruined when mistaking a three for a two! The bathroom shelves are now groaning with a every anti-aging lotion and potion going. Serums for anti wrinkles.Creams for crepey eyes, lotions for a smooth decolletage. The list goes on. And as for my hair. Well I've long forgotten what colour it really is! I'm now the proud owner of a repeat prescription rather than needing a script once in a blue moon for a course of antibiotics.
Keeping the wrinkles at bay!

So maybe I am being paranoid about the whole older bride bit. I need to remember that fifty is just a number after all. Life at fifty is still exciting, full of possibilities and empowering. And why bother with home pedicures anyway. There's a lovely little place up the road where I can enjoying a cuppa, a natter and a decent nail job !