Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Ducks, decolletage and a dose of cheese!

I have decided that I am turning into one of those ducks that looks as though they are gliding effortlessly on a pond, river or whatever, but under the surface they are paddling furiously away. Outwardly I think I appear calm and totally in control, but inwardly I am quietly panicing, and every waking moment seems to be taken up with weddingy thoughts! Mr R would probably disagree with the calm bit, as the poor love does tend to get his head bitten off now and again if he as much as forgets to put his dirty socks in the laundry basket! I wouldn't go as far as saying that I'm anywhere near turning into a bridezilla at the moment, but who knows what the next six weeks and four days holds !

With only a few weeks to go I have decided it's time to indulge in a little bit of pampering. My trusty "Countdown to the perfect wedding" guide tells me that by now I should seriously be thinking about the body beautiful and how to prepare to wow everyone with my perfect English Rose complexion, fuzz free skin and wonderfully manicured nails and equally beautifully pedicured tootsies! By now I ought to be exfoliating and dry body brushing like mad and applying every anti aging cream going to not only my face but to my decolletage too. (A word I'm so unfamiliar with, it's just taken me five attempts to work out how to spell it!) I should be drinking around five gallons of water a day to plump up my sagging skin and sleeping around the clock to give my cells a chance to reguvenate! Which just happens to be  another word I can't spell!
Apparently, I need to drink more!

Well, I have tried the dry brushing. I have legs covered in scratches to prove it! It takes me longer to clean the bath now of crushed shells of some funny sounding nut that is supposed to do the exfoliating bit, and I seem to spend half my life visiting the little girls room ! Last week, I went as far as treating myself to Asda's own brand of supplements that claims to improve the quality of my hair, nails and skin.Early days yet to notice a difference, but I am hopeful!

All this DIY stuff is all well and good, but what I really need is the help of the experts. I've always considered beauty treatments a luxury that I can't afford. I had a pedicure once, but apart from that, I really am a total novice when it comes to paying for a little pampering and cosseting! Not only have I steered clear of any treatments because of the cost, but the thought of baring all to some poor therapist fills me with total terror!
But it is on my to do list for this month and I have got as far as finding a salon close to home. I am however dithering about picking up that phone and making an appointment. It's worse than making one for the dentist!

 Where do I start ? Should it be

 a facial?


A turkish bath?

An inch loss body wrap...very tempted!

A subtle spray tan ?

I'm not expecting miracles and nor do I really want to be anyone other than me on our wedding day. This may sound awfully cheesey, but on the day all I need is a bucket load of happiness and a big grin to show my true beauty! ....There you go, I told you it was cheesey!

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  1. Mani, pedi and maybe a very light fake tan (if like me you resemble a bottle of milk without it). That was the lot for my day. Oh, and I had my hair professionally pinned up! Did my own makeup. I just looked like me on a very good day. Mr R is marrying you...not someone who sounds like you but looks nothing like you. ;-)