Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My crowning glory !

I may moan and groan about the fact that I'm vertically challenged, have more spare tyres than a branch of Qwick-Fit tyres and it's difficult to make out if I have knees and ankles as my legs are just one width from top to toe ! I have wonky teeth and always used to think I had a big nose when I was a teenager and spent half of my time with a hand hiding the offending proboscis ! There's a lot of me that I would love to change, but there is one feature that I've always been rather proud of and that's my hair!

I was born with a shock of dark hair, and have been blessed since then with thick locks thanks to inheriting my mum's genes. I've never had problems with it's condition and it's always behaved it self. Over the years it's gone from being very long as a child, to a feather cut in the early 70's,
 followed by a Purdy cut. A poodle perm in the 80's (least said about that the better!) to a sensible short, easy to manage cut after I got married the first time around. Finally I settled for a simple bob, and that's how it's been ever since... until now!
No, this isn't me !

When I married the first time around back in the late 80's, big hair was de rigueur.On my wedding day I spent hours at the hairdressers having my hair tweeked and teased into a mass of  curls. A circlet of flowers and an antique lace veil was duly plonked on top after half a tin of Harmony laquer was sprayed on my tresses to prevent not one strand of hair straying out of place.

This time around I have opted for an up do. Something sleek and sophisticated. Something befitting my age.A way to show off my crowning glory and the beautiful comb that I've had made!  I haven't worn my hair up since my days as a budding ballerina (hard to believe now that I was once a miss twinkle toes!) so I've been rather excited about trying something new.

The only trouble with having an up do of any significance is that you need long hair. So, since last summer I've been busy growing it. And it's now driving me totally around the bend ! There's too much of it, and as for a style, well there isn't one. I now need to buy clips to keep it out of my face, and scrunchies to stop it from sticking to my lip gloss.I know that there's this rather outdated notion that the more mature woman should stick to shorter styles once they reach a certain age, but I think that in my case I really should stick to said notion. Although saying that, I'm not quite ready for a blue rinse and a shampoo and set just yet! Still, I have to really resist walking into my hairdressers and demanding they take the scissors to it and give me back my lovely oh so neat, easy to look after bob!

 How much longer do I need to grow it !

But I will persevere.I will carry on growing it. Just two more months of looking like the wild woman of Borneo and then it's for the chop. Of course I still need to decide what colour hair I'm going to have. Do I remain a brunette? Add some copper lowlights? Do, what I do most summers and go for highlights, or not bother at all and look a picture with grey roots. Decisions, decisions!

So, what sleek sophisticated styles am I thinking of? Well, here's a few of my favorites. What do you think!


  1. I think you should go with the look in the first picture in this post ;-)

    Seriously, the inspirations for your wedding hair are very elegant. Might I suggest that something like the first of these would be lovely because it adds a little more height? Just a thought. I went the other way with my wedding hair because in my heels I'm taller than the husband!

  2. I love that first picture too. I wonder if my hair will be long enough for something similar. Maybe I should ask for a beehive. I need at least 12'' added to my hair to reach Mr R's chin!