Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Stopwatches, lists and a little ooh la la !

Mr R and yours truly were up with the lark on Sunday to pay a visit to our wedding venue who was having an open day. I can't say that my beloved was that ecstatic about being hauled from his cosy bed to hot foot it down the M4 and endure an hour or two of wall to wall wedding talk.However, a little bribery works wonders especially when food is involved!

A way to my man's heart!

I, on the other hand was itching to take another peek at the place where we're to be married and have a bit of a knees up  afterwards. It's been ages since we last saw it and at my advancing years, I have a tendancy of forgetting what's what and what things look like! What made our visit even more exciting was that we were to see our lovely wedding stylist lady and have a chance to catch up with my vision for how the venue will be styled in just over seven weeks.

For the first time, we were able to see how the room being used for the ceremony will be arranged. It is a small space and every available space will be taken up with chairs. Seating 40 is do-able...just! Mr R wanted to time my entrance and work out at what point during our piece of chosen music I had to start making my way up a flight of stairs to then walk a few paces to meet him . Feeling a little silly, he got me at the bottom of the stairs and proceeded to shout; go, slow down, start again, speed up, stop! Up and down, up and down I went. Heaven's knows what everyone there thought. We must have looked a right pair! Rather worryingly, I now have images of my beloved shouting across the room on our wedding day...Ready steady go! So, if I walk too fast, I'll get there too soon and we'll be left twiddling our thumbs. Go too slow and everyone will think I've done a runner or think there's time to escape to the bar to get a swift half in!

Ready, steady, GO !

After all of the huffing and puffing up the stairs, Mr R was quite happy to take a pew and fiddle with his ipod whilst I talked styling with my lovely lady. We talked bows, ribbons, hearts, flowers,bunting,candles and cake tables. What to do with this finial, or that window, or how best to display photos. She saw styling oppurtunities that I had missed or would never have thought of. Meanwhile my to do list was getting longer and longer, and the pound signs were flashing away in front of my eyes at the rate of knot! I thought that I was on the home run as far as buying my little bits and pieces were concerned. Fat chance!

Does it ever stop!

So, what am I doing to add a little je ne sais pas and ooh la la to our wedding day? Well, so far we have

A bit of a postcard thing going on

A battered old suitcase ready to be decoupaged...

A collection of pretty containers for pretty flowers...

A collection of pretty plates....

Black and white vintage photos....

Made by my very clever friend...

Vintage bits and bobs......

Vintage embriodary....

Vintage cake stands......

And, of course, a very little Eiffel Tower !



  1. Sounds good B - can't wait to see it all on the big day - got a bag of goodies for you tomorrow. Dawn x

  2. I can't believe it's only 7 weeks. You must be so very excited. It looks like it's going to be an amazing day.

  3. I can hardly believe it myself!Where has the past year and a bit gone since we named the date? One minute you think you've got all the time in the world,and then suddenly time is running away!

  4. And I remember you being adamant that there be no Eiffel Towers!

  5. I know, but I just couldn't help myself and it is only a teeny weeny one!