Monday, 7 May 2012

Tick, tick, tick !

Every now and again people ask me how long is it until the big day. I've been so used to replying "ooh...ages yet" that it's become a bit of a shock to the system to suddenly realise that those ages have out of nowhere turned into only twelve, eleven, ten etc weeks away ! Infact I've just seen what the date is, which means that there is now only two months or nine weeks or sixty two days or one thousand four hundred and eighty eight hours away....roughly!

 Time is running out fast!

So, am I beginning to panic and stress? Well, yes and no!  Normally, I would say that I'm very rarely stressed and would fit in perfectly in one of those hot Mediterranean countries where I could just wave a hand, shrug my shoulders and say manjana,manjana ! I am as a rule so laid back that I'm almost horizontal! Which is great up to a point, but when it comes to planning a wedding I have needed to sit up a bit and get my far too rounded arse into gear ! And I have to say, that I've been rather impressed with my organisational skills. If I were one of my little charges at school, I would deserve a big gold star and a certificate for great effort ! 

So, going back to my original question. No I'm not panicing or stressed about the big stuff, which was sorted months ago. It's the little incidentals that are making me lose sleep and reaching for the biscuit tin. (Am I to be the only bride to be that gains weight prior to the wedding!!!) I worry about not having enough jam jars, cake stands, vintage teaplates. I have wobbles over the fact that my best girls who are helping me into The Dress will have to see me in next to nothing. Nobody, but nobody sees me in next to nothing these days!! I stress over the logistics of getting so much wedding parapernalia from a to b and back again. Mr R's three door hatchback is going to be bursting at the seams. What we need is a whopping great big van! Oh, and the niggles go on, and on and on.......!

 But I know that it will all come right on the day. And if it doesn't? Does it really matter? Of course not....well, maybe, just a bit!


  1. My, that's come round awfully quickly! I'm confident you'll have a simply perfect day.

  2. Hasn't it just! One minute we're wondering about dates, venues etc. The next, we're left with sorting out the finer details and counting down the days! Have to say that I'm quietly confident that it will ba an amazing day. I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of planning the wedding (well maybe not finding the dress bit) and can't imagine not getting the chance to do it again.Not that I want to remarry again of course! Through the planning I've met lovely people either in the flesh or online who I would never have met otherwise, and learnt new skills and found new interests. The only problem I have now is that I feel that I'm at a crossroads in my life and need a new adventure. I've met my lovely husband to be and now I need something else to challenge me.