Thursday, 26 July 2012

Time to say goodbye?

This morning I made a phone call that I've been dreading having to make. I had no option but to make it. Not to do so would mean me breaking the law !
Sounds serious doesn't it! Well, to me it is, but to the majority of the populus the reason for making the call is an inconvenient and potentially costly neccessity but nothing more than that! What's freaking me out then? It's that time of the year to book my car in for it's annual MOT!

My little Ford KA is a great little runner. She (of course it's a she) gets me from a to b without a complaint,is totally reliable and in car running cost terms, cheap. But she is elderly and a Y reg, so it's very likely that her poor little body and workings need seeing too, and as we all know, that doesn't come cheap! But I love my little car, even if I can't get in from the drivers side and that the lock on the boot can be tempremental from time to time! She's at that stage where any repairs cost more than she's actually worth. Could her next trip to the garage be her final one? Is she destined for the scrap yard? It's an awful prospect!

Now, Mr R and myself are having a little difference of opinion regarding said car and my driving future at the moment. Not the sort of difference of opinion that has us facing opposite directions in bed at night whilst having a mega sulk, but enough to slightly blight the honeymoon period of our fledgling marriage.

Mr R believes that I don't need a car as my total milage is around 12 miles a week. Granted, this is hardly worth retuning the radio for, but it gives me my independence and freedom to get about whenever I like without relying on anyone or the not so reliable public transport system.He wants me to walk to and from work, which is around three miles every day. Hardly a marathon, but there are days that I need to take a whole pile of things in with me, work late or visit the shops en route home. It would mean waiting until the evening for Mr R to get home from work so that we can  go to the supermarket, rather than me have it done and dusted by the time Deal or No Deal is on the telly!
Besides, I would never want to have to do the food shop with Mr R. Love him as I do, he's a total nightmare in a supermarket. He has the patience of a gnat and makes it very clear that children and old people should not be shopping at the same time as him!

Everyone that knows me, knows that I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to driving. Getting from home to work or even to the local Sainsburys is ok,but after that, my nerves start to kick in.If someone offers to do the driving, then I'm always quick to accept.
 I've almost always had a "thing" about driving. I learnt in London, and was quite happy to tackle the likes of Hammersmith Broadway or the North Circular. Then I moved to the country, and a traffic jam consisted of waiting for the odd duck to get off the road! Husband number 1 liked to take the drivers seat when out and about en famille, and I was more than happy to let him. So I grew rusty (my driving that it and obviously not me!) and turning right, roundabouts and slip roads would have me trembling long before I reached them.I've been known to go on a huge detour just to avoid a particulary tricky roundabout! I've even been known to close my eyes and hope for the best getting on the M25. Please, never, ever, try that.ITS VERY DANGEROUS!!

Mr R would love it if I shared the driving down to the bottom of France, but he knows that he's onto a no hoper there. If I become a trembling wreck driving on the left, then driving on the right is going to send me into total looneyville territory!

So I can see Mr R's point, but I'm just not ready to hang up the driving gloves just yet. However from next week I may have no choice if my poor little car is put out to pasture.....or worse!

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