Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Le wedding....part trois!

I never did get around to writing that final wedding post before we left for our eagerly awaited honeymoon. You know how it is, you think you've got everything under control and that you're super organised and then somebody throws a spanner in the works and you're still packing and coping with a stressed other half at a time when you should be putting the cat out and taking a cup of cocoa to bed! Mr R decided that one suitcase wasn't enough to carry all of the extra camera chargers, walking shoes etc etc that we needed to take in addition to the micro wardrobe of clothes that I thought was all we needed, so I had to find another case which meant hauling it out from the back of the wardrobe and repack everything. Let's just say that the evening before we left was anything but harmonious and leave it at that!
So  that post never got written and I've had to wait until now to put finger to key. It seems a bit disjointed doing it a couple of weeks later, but as they say, Better late than never!

I won't bore you with too much info about the reception, but lets just say that we thought it was amazing and we had the most brilliant time being a brand new Mr and Mrs and spending it with our lovely family and friends. The dress drove me mad, especially having to cope with stairs...and there were lots and lots of them. My lovely best girls looked after me wonderfully, even if they seemed a bit obsessed with asking if I needed the loo every five minutes. Kirsten from The Little Wedding Helper had styled our venue beautifully along with the amazing flowers from The Wilde Bunch. It was definitely a "wow" moment when clapped eyes on our reception rooms for the first time. The food and service at Goldbrick House was just as we thought it would be...delicious and faultless.

Mr R's speech was short and said with so much feeling. I was so proud of him. I would hate to have to make one and he did a wonderful job.

We didn't bother with the cutting the cake bit, which had been a lovely gift from my Twitter friend Minky Kitten Cakes. I made the cupcakes the day before. Wrapping each cake with vintage lace seemed like a good idea at the time and looked very pretty, but were a real faff to do and I ended up almost glueing my fingers together!

Our photographer whisked us away outside for a little while to get a few shots of the two of us. It was the only time we had to ourselves and was a brilliant idea. It gave us a chance to reflect on our special day and have some "us" time before hitting the dance floor and partying 'til the wee hours.

One of many highlights of the evening was when my friends from work presented us an envelope. I didn't have my glasses on so was as blind as a bat and couldn't read it. Mr R could and he was gobsmacked when he read out that we had an invitation to lunch at Le Manoir au Quat Saison the following Monday. I knew that my friends were up to something, but that was a total surprise. I thought that we were going bungee jumping or having a him and her spa treatment!

Before we knew it our wonderful day was over. We were exhausted but extremely happy. It had been the best day ever and one we would never forget.


  1. Memories that will last a lifetime x

  2. Aww it was a gorgeous day and I was thrilled ro have been part of it xx

  3. A beautiful day - Steve & I were so pleased to have been a part of it. xx

  4. Thank you ladies.Karen and Tina, it meant alot to me that my fabulous Twitter girls were there to help us celebrate the day. And yes Alison, those memories will most certainly last a lifetime. xx

  5. Wow your wedding looks fabulous. I'm getting married too in a few weeks and hope my wedding looks as gorgeous as yours. Many congratulation to you both. Sylvia (Another 50something 2nd time Bride)

  6. Hi Sylvia. Lovely to hear from you and many congratulations for your forthcoming wedding. I bet you're getting very excited.It really is an exciting time, although it can be a bit stressful. I had a major wobbley a week before and then after that I was on cloud nine...the stress jusr faded away. I absolutely loved planning my wedding but could have done without the dress finding bit. I still feel as though I looked like a giant cream puff, although my husband says I looked stunning...bless! I hope that you have the most fantastic day. Treasure every moment.The day goes by far too quickly! Brigitte xx

    1. Thanks Brigette we had a wonderful time. Been home 3days (we got married in Mauritius on 23 Nov,) yes it was a bit stressful but like you I was on cloud 9 and was grinning like a cheshire cat for days afterwards. The day went by so slow at first, I couldn't eat anything I was so nervous. Our wedding was brought forward one hour so it was a bit rushed which turned out just fine as I didn't have time to worry as much. The whole day was perfect and I wouldn't have changed anything. My 'husband' said he had a tear in his eye when he saw me walking along the beach as I too looked 'gorgeous' (love him) and had to keep his sunglasses on so our guests wouldn't see.
      All the best, Sylvia x