Monday, 6 August 2012

Le wedding....part un !

So, I'm a married woman now of four weeks, and have to say that life is pretty wonderful. Being married is different somehow. I can't put my finger on any particular reason why it should be, but it is. We lived together for over three years before we did the deed, so why should being married make any difference? Apart from the excitement of planning the wedding, life is pretty much the same as it's always been, but somehow it feels more complete, more settled ...better!
But enough of this rambling. Time to get to the real reason why I'm blogging today. The photos have arrived and it's time to share them with you, along with of course, a little recount of our fabulous day So, make a cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy!

You are cordially invited to our wedding!

Graham and I threw convention to the wind and spent our last night of singledom together in the fabulously stylish Number 38 in Bristol. We both slept fitfully that night in our football pitch sized bed.Not because we were too excited but because Mr R has thought that he'd not packed his tie (he had...phew) and I thought that I'd forgotten to bring the table plan cards(I had....eek).After a very hearty breakfast where we were thrilled  to be presented with a bottle of champagne by the ever so helpful and friendly staff at the hotel, we had a few hours to twiddle outr thumbs before everything was going to start to become just a little manic!At this point everything seemed a little surreal. It could have been like every other Saturday. Here we were reading the paper. The colour supplement for me, and the sports page for him. Getting married in a couple of hours still seemed unreal to us.

Number 38 ...A very stylish town house in Bristol. An amzing place to stay.

But of course, it was real. Very real indeed! Before we knew it, Mr R had changed into his finest, and boy did he look handsome, and duly kicked out of the room and off to join his family. The very lovely and ever so chatty Grace arrived to transform me from being the old broiler to the beautiful swan by working her magic with her box of make up and  a zillion hair grips.My stylish up do was topped off with my gorgeous comb made for me by Jill from Port Out Starboard Home hair accessories using my £5.99 eBay vintage brooch bargain along with other pretty sparkling pices that Jill had in her glittering collection of pretties. Hot on Grace's heels was Sam our amazing photographer, and Claire from The Wilde Bunch with the most beautiful bouquet I had ever seen. She had created exactly what I wanted. I had been worried that the peonies I wanted so much would not be available on the day, but thankfully they were, along with beautiful apricot David Austin roses. Last to arrive were my trio of unofficial bridesmaids complete with strawberries, pasta salad and a bottle of Bucks Fizz! Here were my knights (knightesses!) in shining armour ready to do battle with the dress and what was to be soon discarded, hooped underskirt. I had been dreading this moment as I like to keep myself covered up as much as possible. My exposed flesh is not a pretty sight! But when it came down to it, I didn't care one iota. There was a job to be done, and this wasn't an occassion for being coy! So with some strenuous pulling of ribbons,  tweeking of straps and a few under the breath curses my girls eventually managed to get me into my dress. I felt a bit like a trussed up chicken and could just about breath, but I have to say I looked rather lovely! Not so much like a  beautiful princess but more like a stately doweger duchess!

Well, I think that that's enough to be going on with for now. I'm afraid you'll have to wait for part 2, but I promise you it wont be long. We've a honeymoon to go on in three days time, so the next instalment will follow hot on the heels of this one before we zoom off to la belle France!

Before I leave you I just want to say a big thank you to Sam Gibson our photographer who did an utterly amazing job on the day and took these stunning shots. We knew all along that we wanted our photographs to tell a story of our special dayand not  be just
 a collection of smiley faces. We wanted shots of the little details and peoples reactions through out the day. We knew the minute we saw his website that this was the man for the job and hoped that on meeting him we would click and feel at ease with thim. No worries there. We liked him the moment we met and couldn't wait to book him. We feel privileged and very lucky to have this very talented young man there to capture our day for us with his trusty camera.


  1. You look radiant. So very beautiful.
    Bon voyage. A bientot!

  2. Thanks Evie.I really appreciate your comment. This old bird scrubbed up alright on the day didn't she! xx

  3. I've only just managed to read this Brigitte! Thanks for the lovely mention and hope you're having a fab honeymoon. x